29 November 2023
Male (33) shot multiple times, 3319 W Madison Chicago his GSWs are groin 2x back 2x right forearm 2x abdomen
Shots fired, 9 rounds heard at 7104 S Greenwood.
Shots fired, 2638 W Cullerton.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 1000 E 111th St.Shots fired, 10900 S Doty.
Male (36) shot in the flank/back, 215 N Union Chicago
81/Vincennes: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot by Simeon High School. Chicago
Lake/Justine: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Male (46) shot and killed, 8054 S Hermitage Chicago
8058 S Hermitage: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 354 E 73rd St.
Chicago 2455 W 51st St 3 sty fire on 2. BF,317
2 month ago
Shots fired, 4404 S Drexel.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 8903 S Mackinaw.
Shots fired, 18 rounds heard at 4914 S Paulina, in the rear.
2 shot, 30 W 79th St Male 20 - abdomen (DOA) Male - left ankle Chicago the crime scene consist of 16 shell casings and 2 shot up vehicles
2 month ago
Shots fired, 8837 S Oglesby, in the back yard.
Shot fired, 1401 S Sacramento.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 656 W 118th St.
Shots fired, 6156 S King.
5002 N Pulaski: 2 males in ski masks and hoodies robbed ChiTown Food and Liquor with guns. Chicago
72/Loomis: 3-4 male Blacks in their 30s at a repast pulled out guns on the anonymous caller over a parking space. Chicago
Shots fired, 824 W 53rd St Shots fired, 817 W 54th St.
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near Roosevelt/Loomis. Chicago
79/Lafayette: person shot.ISPERN Chicago This is going to be a CPD job person or persons shot at the citco
2 month ago
Blue Island 2nd Alarm 13039 S Western Heavy fire in a 2 sty building
2 month ago
Shots fired, 24 rounds heard at 9025 S Oglesby.
Male (44) shot in the L ankle, 5439 S Lawndale Chicago
2 month ago
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 366 E 117th St, in the alley.
Huron/LaSalle: a call shots fired, caller says a male Hispanic running southbound on LaSalle is the shooter, he was shooting at a vehicle. Chicago
912 N Paulina: a call of a bomb threat, caller says a female is in possession of a live dirty bomb along with stolen federal software and technology. Chicago