25 July 2024
EMS Plan 1 at Halsted and Roosevelt. Four (4) adults Red to Stroger
West Chicago 1602 Canterbury Ct AFA Upgrade, smoke showing. TT,317
Chicago Still and Box Alarm 7332 N Clark Reported Metra train on fire. E102 accessing it from Estes. JH,TT,317
Douglas Blvd/Homan: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
1333 N Cleveland: 2 calls of shots fired. Chicago
6 month ago
Schiller Park 4147 Prairie Structure Fire. SP,317
Shot fired, 6634 S Winchester, in the back.
Shots fired, 4-5 heard near 71/Vincennes. Chicago
3201 N Broadway: a male Black is in Walgreens threatening the manager. Chicago
Roosevelt/Lake Shore Drive: a call of a domestic on northbound LSD, caller says his friend, Sean White, is refusing to let him out of his silver Hyundai SUV. Chicago
1730 N Karlov: a call of an attempt suicide, caller says his 27yo girlfriend took 10 pain pills, now she's not responding, alcohol is involved, EMS is rolling.
6 month ago
2426 E 73rd St: caller heard 1 shot fired. Chicago
6 month ago
10301 S Michigan: a male and female are fighting in a blue van in the White Castle lot, staff is calling. Chicago
Franklin Park MVA Mannheim and Belmont Box 199 requested -2180
6 month ago
Shot fired, 7410 S Clyde, in the rear.
Shots fired, 3640 W Chicago
Sheridan/Lawrence: anonymous heard 2 shots fired in the area. Chicago
5037 W Lawrence: a hold-up alarm at 7-Eleven. Chicago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 4814 W 43rd St.Shots fired, 30 rounds heard at 4913 S Lavergne.Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 4846 S Laporte.Shots fired, 19 rounds heard at 4924 S LeClaire.
6 month ago
Male (26) shot in the L leg, 8757 S Manistee Chicago the crime scene consists of 1 shell casing, the got a hit for 1 round at 8757 S Manistee
6 month ago
8756 S Manistee: a call of a person shot. Chicago Info about 87th and Manistee
5050 N Cicero: a bonafide robbery, approximately $1000 taken from 2 female victims, offender is a male in black hoodie, grey joggers and a red bag.
Caldwell/Central: a call of a robbery just occurred at the BP, Gabriela is calling, she says her son Javier was getting gas when males armed with guns stole his 2016 white Audi Q3. Chicago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 1236 S Central Park. EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot in the leg. Chicago
2438 W 25th St: a group of 8 males are stealing from a freight train, the offenders are in a blue Chevy Equinox and a silver Jeep Cherokee. caller requested no lights or sirens so the offenders do not run off. Chicago
6340 S King: caller says security chased him with a gun. Chicago
010:Male (17) shot in the R thigh, 1232 S Central Park Chicago
6 month ago
Skokie 4225 Grove St House Fire. SRR,317
6 month ago
Shots fired, 3858 S Wells.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 97/Escanaba.Shots fired, 98/Calhoun.Shots fired, 97/Marquette Ave.Chicago