25 July 2024
Shot fired, 5764 S Archer.
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 3900 W 57th Pl.
Shots fired, 1801 S Karlov.
Still and Box Alarm at 8001 S Champlain. Fire in a 4 story apartment building
2800 S Michigan: caller says a 30yo female was stabbed in the chest, EMS is rolling. Chicago
6 month ago
Shot fired, 7844 S Oglesby.
6 month ago
9654 S Commercial: caller says 2 male Hispanics are arguing in front of the location. Chicago
Shots fired, 4448 S Keeler.
6 month ago
Shot fired, 1212 W 111th St.
Shots fired, 310 N Long, in the alley.
4301 W Adams: a call of a person shot, EMS is not rolling. Chicago
1745 W Chicago: caller states a 16-18yo is shot laying on the ground, EMS is rolling. Chicago
730 N Lotus: she's fighting with her boyfriend, tussling over a gun, details to follow. Chicago
Shots fired, 6122 S Honore, in the alley.
Shots fired, 7326 S Albany, in the back yard.
4315 N Kedzie: EMS is rolling for a call of a male shot inside the location. now it's a ATIP, caller says 50-100 ppl are in a warehouse party, 2 males are attempting to rob ppl, one male was shot, caller and others are hiding in the bathroom. Chicago
6838 S Elizabeth: there was a domestic and a robbery, ppl are back with guns, a person named Mookie is involved, caller is not on scene. Chicago
Two teenage boys shot and killed leaving Chicago school
Oak lawn MVA vehicle vs. building at Mariano's 11100 s. Cicero Ave
Shots fired, 2615 W 83rd St.
Shots fired, 7718 S Wood, in the backyard.
Shots fired, Thorndale/Kenmore. Chicago
Chicago shooting Wabash and Washington Reported as multiple victims
2 people shot on Jeweler's Row in the middle of the day, not far from Millennium Park in Chicago
Shots fired, 1449 W Marquette Rd.
Shots fired, 6900 S Ashland.Shots fired, 1554 W 69th St.
6 month ago
Male (39) shot in the left thigh, 3521 E 106th St it occurred at 10401 S Ave M GrazeWoundChicago the victim refused EMS. the got a hit for 16 rounds at 10401 S Ave M
6 month ago
Female (20) shot in the back and right shoulder, 7802 S Colfax Chicago a home invasion, the victim is 9 months pregnant, she's in serious condition at UofC.the crime scene consists of 5-6 shell casings in the apartment, bullet holes in the front window
Shots fired, 3-4 heard near 6807 S Harper.
Shots fired, 7-8 heard near 92/Loomis, in Brainerd Park. Chicago
Shots fired, 3910 W Hirsch. Shots fired, 3851 W Hirsch. Shots fired, N Harding.
6 month ago
Shot fired, 1713 E 79th St, in the parking lot.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 1791 E 79th St.
Shots fired, 2503 N Nordica.
6642 S Drexel: 2 males are standing in front of the location with guns in hand, caller was picking up an Uber passenger and witnessed the incident. Chicago
6 month ago
7506 S Saginaw: a call of a burglary in progress, caller says 2 males and a female broke into the store with several knives and a baseball bat. Chicago
Shots fired, 1509 E 75th St.
Shot fired, 816 E 90th St, in the alley.
8553 S Winchester: 10-1....SHOTS FIRED AT THE POLIC
Shot fired, 8553 S Winchester, in the alley.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 8136 S Manistee.
Shot fired, 804 E 79th St.
Shots fired, 5621 S Laflin, in the rear.
Shots fired, 1626 S Karlov.Shots fired, 1657 S Kedvale.
Male (36) stabbed multiple times, 6254 S Wabash Chicago he stab wounds arechestleft elbowleft hand 2xhe's in serious condition at UofC
6034 S Prairie: a call of a person stabbed, caller says he was stabbed with a knife, Sheila did it and she's still on scene, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shot fired, 119 E 75th St.
Shot fired, 130 E 75th St.
Shots fired, 4946 W Van Buren.
Shots fired, 10017 S Eberhart, in the rear.
6 month ago
Male (18) shot in the R thigh, 144 W 105th St Chicago the victim says 2 male Blacks wearing ski masks were following him in a white sedan, one got out the car and ran up and shot him. the got a hit for 4 rounds 144 W 105th Street
6 month ago
Shots fired, 10241 S Yale, in the rear.
6 month ago
105/Wentworth: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 1333 S Harding.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 2141 E 80th St, in the rear.Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 2136 E 80th St, near the alley.full auto.