21 July 2024
4 month ago
Skokie 4848 Louise Ave 2 sty apartments. TO,317
4 month ago
9177 S. South Chicago apartment fire at about 1130 pm Sunday night. Two people transported critical with life threatening injuries. Couch fire. Fire out by rapid response by CFD using hand pumps with advanced life support care for victims
Harvard 108 S Ayer Smoke from the roof of an auto shop. TT,317
4 month ago
9177 South Chicago. Fire in apartment with two life threatening injuries.. Fire caused by careless use of smoking materials. Two adults removed critical. (Langford)
Marquette Rd/Kedzie: a call of a person with a gun, caller says a male Hispanic on a pink bike has a shotgun, a female kicked the male out of the laundromat because he had the shotgun, he's headed toward the park.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 8847 S Houston, in the back of the house.
Shots fired, 1647 E 79th St.
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 180 N Leclaire.
Police open homicide investigation into teen girl's death in North Lawndale
Blue Island       2201 W 120th   House Fire. TT,317 All Searches Negative, No injuries4 month ago
Blue Island 2201 W 120th House Fire. TT,317 All Searches Negative, No injuries
Shots fired, 6950 S Sangamon.
Chicago 1340 N Western E57 has fire on the 2nd floor. 3 sty ord 25x100. JH,317
4 month ago
Shots fired, 11659 S Throop, on the side of the house.
4 month ago
Markham 16337 S Justine Heavy smoke from a 2 sty house. Full Still. FNC,317
4 month ago
Shots fired, 11222 S Indiana, in the rear.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 7358 S Oglesby. 7406 S Crandon: caller says he has been shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 8358 S Pulaski.
5311 S Lake Park: a male is threatening security at The Promontory, saying he's going to his car to get his gun, believes someone stole his money, there are also 2 females arguing. Chicago
4 month ago
Male (36) shot in the abdomen, 8850 S Mackinaw Chicago the victim was dropped off at Trinity Hospital
6800 S Dorchester: a call of a battery in progress. Chicago
Jackson/Red Line: EMS is rolling for a call of an intoxicated female with a broken wrist on the CTA platform. Chicago
4 month ago
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 83/Burley. Chicago
72/Vernon: 6 males are arguing, someone threatened to shoot. Chicago
Shots fired, 5124 S Wolcott, in the rear.
Shots fired, 5158 S Spaulding.
Shot fired, 4709 S Wentworth.Shots fired, 147 W 47th St.
6154 S Evans: a call of a person shot, caller heard one shot and a person screaming they are shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Male (17) shot in the R leg 2x,7718 S Morgan Chicago
Lockwood/Chicago: caller heard shots fired and now ppl are outside fighting. Chicago
4 month ago
Shots fired, 5 heard near 78/South Shore Drive. Chicago
Shots fired, 5301 W Chicago.
Shot fired, Ohio/Leavitt. Chicago
7621 S Cottage: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot at the Empire Motel. Chicago
Man shot by police taken into custody following SWAT response in Ashburn
Male (55) shot and killed,1830 N Kostner Chicago the victim sustained a GSW to the right nipple, chest area, he was pronounced at 2205 hours by Dr. Wing at Mt. Sinai Hospital
Shots fired, 3133 W Fulton. Chicago
4 month ago
Shots fired, 625 E 131st St.
2001 N Milwaukee: he's stealing liquor from Walgreens. Chicago