30 November 2023
State/Randolph: caller says a male Black is walking down the street with a gun in his hand telling ppl to move out the way. Chicago
Chicago 5257 W Fulton T29 has heavy black smoke from side C. 3 sty ord. First engine to lead out
1 month ago
6940 S Merrill: a call of an assault in progress at O'Keeffe Elementary School, an irate parent is threatening to fight students and the staff. Chicago
Chicago 2 people shot Male 17 shot in the right eye, critical at Mt Sinai. Female 18 shot in the ear, good condition at Mt Sinai 3731 W Roosevelt
Tinley Park 7837 167th St Full Still for the Structure Fire. MI,317
Orland FPD 14311 82nd Ave Fire at a preschool. Full Still. TT,317
1 month ago
Shot fired, 3210 E 93rd St.
Shots fired, 6327 S Troy, in the back yard.
2 shot, 1845 W 54th St Female - face, multiple to the body (DOA) Male - chest 2x, abdomen (DOA) Chicago offender in custody with a weapon recovered
7416 S Langley: a male black with a gun in a silver car is chasing the caller. Chicago
Shots fired, 8617 S Dorchester, in the alley.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 1934 E 75th St.
Shots fired, 425 W 87th St.Shots fired, 534 W 87th St.Shots fired, 8621 S Parnell.
Male shot and killed, 3027 W 5th Ave Chicago the victim is currently a John Doe, he's DOA in a tow truck with multiple GSWs, he was pronounced at 0140 hours. there are approximately 30 shell casings on scene
1 month ago
Shots fired, 7823 S Essex.
Shots fired, 13 heard near 78/Sangamon. Chicago
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 1351 E 72nd St.
201 N Clinton: caller says he was robbed and beat in the face. Chicago
1223 N Lamon: 3 males robbed her at gunpoint for her gray Dodge. Chicago
Shots fired, 38 S Whipple.
Shots fired, 4218 W 21st St, possibly a drive-by.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 11940 S Peoria.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 2019 E 74th St.
2246 W 25th St: a call of a theft in progress, caller says 3 cars are sitting near the tracks to rob the train, 2 males are on the bridge. Chicago
Shots fired, 5445 W Race.
2 shot, 5117 W Chicago Female 29 - left knee, right leg, right arm (Critical) Female 33 - upper right thigh Chicago there are approximately 15-20 shell casings on scene
1624 W Beach: caller says 4 males in a red Ford robbed him and a Lyft driver at gunpoint. Chicago
Shot fired, 3615 W Grenshaw, in the rear.
1 month ago
Shot fired, 13139 S Ave M, in the alley.
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 5117 W Chicago. Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 5134 W Chicago.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 309 E 116th St, full auto.
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 554 E 89th St, in the alley.
1 month ago
Shot fired, 8136 S Coles.
Shots fired, 2649 S Ridgeway.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 7213 S Damen.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 11816 S Lafayette.
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 5606 S Sangamon.
820 E 79th St: caller says a female was stabbed in the back, she's on the floor, still awake, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shot fired, 8153 S Ellis.
Shots fired, 4 heard near 95/Princeton. Chicago
Boy (14) shot in the head, 8353 S Wood Self Inflicted Chicago Ambo 30 transported him to Christ Hospital, critical
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 8416 S Vernon, in the alley, full auto.
90/Bishop: a fire. Chicago
3459 W 59th St: a call of a robbery just occurred at Carniceria La Hacienda, caller says a male Hispanic came inside pretending to have a gun and robbed the store.
Chicago 1300 W 98th St Fire on 1
4010 W 26th St: a hold-up alarm at Citibank. Chicago
25 E Washington: U.S. Bank was robbed at note-point by a heavy-build male Black wearing a surgical mask, he fled on foot. Ping. Chicago
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 50 E 99th Pl.
Preliminary Statement - Shots Fired in the Direction of ChicagoPolice in the 4700 Block of S. Elizabeth
Shot fired, 2408 W Marquette Rd, in the gas station.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 9003 S Commercial.
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 1257 N Austin.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 8458 S Exchange.
1 month ago
Shots fired, 30 rounds heard at 511 E Browning, multiple shooters.
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire 6712 S Halsted back porches going on an abandoned building. DS,JH,317
Shots fired, 1900 S Kildare.
Male (34) shot in the L thigh, 429 N Central Chicago