25 July 2024
Still and Box at 3857 S Kedzie struck out orders of 224. Warming bus requested for 10 residents affected by the fire, 5 displacements humanitarian services notified. One adult transported red to Stroger
Shots fired, 5 heard near St Louis/Cortland. Chicago
4903 W Cortez: a call of a person shot, caller says the neighbor shot someone, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Cicero 3329 59th Ct Garage Fire. TT,317
5 month ago
Chicago 10716 S Indiana 1.5 sty frame, fire in the basement
Shots fired, 5317 S Justine.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 17 rounds heard at 12402 S Lowe.
Shots fired, 7334 S Langley, in the rear.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 8850 S Burley, in the rear.
Shot fired, 5601 S Western.
4316 W Dickens: a call of a person shot, caller says someone was shot in the finger and the head, it was an accident, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 3349 W 79th St.
Male (24) shot in the L leg,4042 W Arthington Chicago a PO applied a tourniquet to the victim
Shot fired, 6639 S Sangamon.
Shot fired, 6633 S Richmond.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 13224 S Corliss.
Shots fired, 2818 S St Louis.
Male (41) shot multiple times,819 S Pulaski Critical Chicago
5 month ago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 12030 S Wallace, in the alley.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 1444 S Ridgeway.
Shots fired, 2829 S Karlov, in the alley, full auto.
Chicago 5353 S Shields rekindle In a vacant 1.5 sty
5 month ago
Braidwood FPD Custer Township 33612 W River Rd Fire showing, rural tanker Ops. TT,317
EMS Plan 1 for the automobile crash at Hamlin/Augusta secured by 4411. Transports are as follows: 1 YELLOW to Mt. Sinai, 1 RED to Stroger, 1 RED to Stroger, 1 YELLOW to Mt. Sinai. NFI (2)
5 month ago
Shots fired, 2611 E 106th St.
Shots fired, 10 heard near 4350 W 79th St, near Rainey Park. Chicago
5 month ago
Shot fired, 11834 S LaSalle.
Shots fired, 10 heard near 6362 S King.EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
6360 S King: several truckloads of males with firearms in the rear of the location are jumping over the gate. Chicago
Male shot in the back 2x and chest, 9159 S Loomis Chicago