25 July 2024
Male (27) shot in the R thigh,555 W Kinzie Chicago the crime scene consists of blood on the elevator and weed on the ground
3329 S. Morgan has been upgraded to a 2-11, all companies are defensive. Human services requested for residents.
Still and Box Alarm @ 3329 S. Morgan. 3 sty ord, water on the fire. No injuries reported at this time, s made when warranted
3201 N Broadway: they are in Walgreens shoplifting. Chicago
Shots fired, 7925 S Wallace, near the tracks.
Shots fired, 1955 S Harding, in the alley.
Shots fired, 3234 S Wolcott.
Shots fired, 9131 S Blackstone, in the backyard.
4 month ago
11254 S Stewart: a 54yo male says Michael Jordan stabbed him in the back in his home, the offender is still on scene in the caller's basement. Chicago
Male (35) shot in the head 2x, 1251 S Fairfield Critical Chicago
4344 W Armitage: 3 unknown male Hispanics took the caller's wallet. Chicago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 4423 S Kedzie.
Crystal Lake 244 2nd St Large 2 sty house, fully involved. TT,317
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 8010 S Union.
Shots fired, 4343 S Kilpatrick, full auto.
Shots fired, 3 heard near 1250 S Fairfield, in the gangway, caller is afraid her upstairs neighbor may be shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 6612 S Michigan, possibly on the Skyway.
7326 S St Lawrence: a male Black robbed the caller at gunpoint for her purse and fled in a gray SUV. Chicago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 4950 W Belle Plaine, north of the playlot in the park.
Shots fired, 5-6 heard near Berteau/Leclaire. Chicago
4 month ago
Shots fired, 2472 E 74th St.
Shots fired, 2409 S Trumbull.
Shot fired, 3522 N Pine Grove. Chicago
Shot fired, 4701 W Jackson.Shots fired, 4632 W Van Buren.
8156 S Dante: caller was carjacked at gunpoint by 2 male Blacks for a black Cadillac. Chicago
4 month ago
Shot fired, 1959 E 73rd St.
Shots fired, 3351 W 16th St. Shot fired, 1604 S Spaulding.
Shot fired, 7426 S Western.
Shots fired, 6820 S Dorchester, in the rear.
Shot fired, 3405 W 38th St.
Shots fired, 8046 S Maryland, in the backyard.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 13406 S Houston. Shots fired, 13346 S Carondolet.
Shots fired, 1000 N Harding. Shots fired, Springfield/Augusta. Shots fired, Chicago/Avers.at least 30 rounds, several ppl shooting. Chicago
TOTAL 5 patients being evaluated from courtyard building fire at 1423 Farwell
EMS plan one 1423 Farwell. 2 police officers to be transported (smoke) Fire is out
1423 Farwell fire in residential U shaped courtyard building fire on the 2. One civilian being transported condition unknown
Working fire, 1423 W Farwell, flames showing from the 2nd floor on CFD arrival.
4 month ago
Lake Villa FPD 3rd Alarm 39320 Cedar Crest Dr Fully involved garage with multiple exposures. MT,317
4 month ago
Shot fired, 9642 S Van Vlissingen.
Shots fired, 915 E 92nd St, in the alley.
Shot fired, 448 E 71st St, in the alley.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 3223 E 91st St.Shots fired, 9127 S Burley.
Male (38) shot in the abdomen, 901 N Leamington Chicago the crime scene consists of 2 shell casings in the alley
Shots fired, 7129 S Winchester. Shots fired, 7139 S Winchester.Shots fired, 1405 W 71st Pl.
4 month ago
Shot fired, 13327 S Calumet.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 7829 S South Shore Drive.
Shots fired, 17 rounds heard at 3555 W 73rd Pl.Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 3550 W 73rd Pl.
4 month ago
Shot fired, 2814 E 79th St.
Shots fired, 6736 S Elizabeth, in the alley.
Leamington/Iowa: caller says he was shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago