30 November 2023
2 month ago
Evacuated Illinois residents return home after ammonia leak from truck crash that killed 5 people
2 month ago
5 dead, 5 injured in crash with ammonia leak, prompting evacuations
Lincolnwood 3876 W Devon Fire in a self storage facility. Fires now knocked. Delayed 45. SRR,TO,317
2 month ago
Five people were killed and five were seriously injured after a truck overturned in central Illinois, causing a toxic substance to leak from its cargo and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of area residents, authorities said Saturday
5850 S King: a call of shots fired at a party. Chicago
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire 4545 S Racine Fire in a commercial building. 3rd & 4th engines to run inline. In the Stockyards. KW,317
60/Homan: caller says her and her boyfriend are shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 6 heard near 92/Lowe. Chicago
Boy (15) shot in the R hand,6045 S Marshfield Chicago Ambo 75 transported the victim to Comer Children's Hospital in good condition
2 month ago
Shots fired, 11422 S Indiana.
Lexington/Laramie: caller says he was just robbed. Chicago
2 month ago
Shots fired, 7509 S Clyde.
Shot fired, 5323 S Carpenter, in the alley.
Shots fired, 6 heard near 91/Ada. Chicago
2 month ago
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 117/Peoria. Chicago
402 E 69th St: a call of male Blacks with guns outside. Chicago
5100 S Lake Park: males in the lobby are arguing. Chicago
North Ave/Laramie: 2 males with guns are robbing somebody by the gas station. Chicago
Shots fired, 1509 S Trumbull, in the alley.
2138 S Marshall: 5 ppl are in the alley fighting. Chicago
2825 S Kostner: a call of a male and female fighting and drinking. Chicago
1233 W 73rd Pl: a call of a person with a knife, her 36yo son has a knife and is threatening her, he kicked at her door, he's bipolar and schizophrenic. Chicago
2 month ago
Shot fired, 308 W 109th St, in the rear.
Shots fired, 18 rounds heard at 3958 W 58th Pl.
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 6511 S Evans, in the rear.
Shot fired, 520 S Kolmar.
Shots fired, 8800 S Princeton.
Shots fired, 8803 S Harvard.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 11 heard near 639 W 129th Pl. Chicago
2 shot, 2259 N Parkside Male 17 - right arm (Critical) Male 18 - right thigh Chicago