10 December 2023
Shots fired, 8034 S Evans.
5700 Lawrence a security officer working at a nearby business heard 20 shots 50XX Winnemac three different callers heard shots approx 12
2 month ago
Shots fired, 13430 S Forest.
Male (21) shot in the R leg, 1322 W 71st St Chicago
It was some sort of fight. The ambo bandages the man's hand and left
2 month ago
Female (48) shot in the R thigh, 311 W 118th St Chicago
2 month ago
8721 S Bennett: the caller said 4 males were trying to steal the neighbor's black Kia..an off-duty @USPS Police Officer had a gun pointed at him, he discharged his weapon at the offenders, no hits, no one in custody.there are approximately 14 shell casings on scene.OIS… Show more
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire EMS Plan I 5700 N Sheridan Rd Fire is now out, lots of searches and well being checks. EMS treating Fire victims. DS,317
3359 W 79th St: 10-1..off-duty POs are fighting at the Smoke Filled Room Chicago
2 shot, 3101 W Lexington Male 43 - back. Male 26 - right leg Chicago
Male (35) shot in the L ankle, 2600 W 51st St Chicago
Shots fired, 15 rounds heard at 6844 S Hermitage. Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 6856 S Wolcott. Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 1759 W 69th St.
2 month ago
Shot fired, 4500 S Woodlawn.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 11729 S Princeton. Shots fired, 11733 S Princeton.
1251 S Central Park: 10-1 at a large gathering and a battery in progress.Chicago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard 1020 W 78th St.
Shots fired, 3040 S Kostner, in the back.
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 6815 S Wabash.Shots fired, 27 rounds heard at 6816 S Michigan.
Shots fired, 2557 W 51st St, moving shooter. EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
2 month ago
Shots fired, 8711 S Bennett. Shots fired, 8721 S Bennett.
2 month ago
Chicago EMS Plan I O'Hare Airport b/o E9 Traffic Accident
Shots fired, 35 rounds heard at 6840 S Winchester.
Shots fired, 6203 S Hermitage. Shots fired, 6236 S Hermitage. Shots fired, 1718 W 63rd St.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 4000 W Ogden.
6530 W Bryn Mawr: multiple calls of a battery in progress at Taft High School, caller says 2 football teams are fighting, security is trying to get it under control, and somebody found fireworks in the stands. Chicago
Shots fired, 5017 S Hermitage.
Shots fired, 6754 S East End.
Shots fired, 6612 S Kenwood.
Male (30) shot in the L thigh,7121 S State Chicago
The victim was dumped at the gas station at 79th and Ashland after being shot near 69th Pl and Hoyne, critical to Christ
60/Cottage: a call of a person shot, caller says there's a red auto in the Jewel parking lot, 3 ppl got shot and they are in the trunk. Chicago
Shots fired, 7218 S Wentworth, in the alley.
2 month ago
114/Harvard: caller saw 2 male Blacks with guns in the alley. Chicago
Shots fired, 7131 S State.
Shot fired, 314 E 69th St, in the rear.
Shots fired, 1657 N Central, possible drive-by.
79/Ashland: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 4900 S Kedvale.Shots fired, 4855 S Kedvale. Shots fired, 4858 S Karlov.
Male (26) shot in the R shoulder, 6701 S Damen Chicago
Shots fired, 6701 S Damen.
Shots fired, 8026 S Spaulding.