21 July 2024
5 month ago
Palos Hills 8559 Broadmoor Fire in a house. MS,317
1132 S Clinton: a call of a battery in progress at Chipotle, a homeless male is fighting a female, he spit in the caller's face. Chicago
5 month ago
107/Indiana: a Still and Box Alarm fire, heavy fire in the attic.CFD conducted an emergency evacuation.the attic roof has collapsed to the 2nd floor. Chicago
5 month ago
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire 10733 S Indiana b/o BN22 Heavy fire in a 2.5 sty
Shots fired, 5174 W North Ave.
420 N Clark: an intoxicated male is fighting the security guard in Boss Bar. Chicago
Shot fired, 8144 S Ellis, on the side of the house.
Shots fired, 3022 N Kenneth, in the rear.
Shot fired, 9047 S Harper, on the median at 91st and Stony.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 2503 S Spaulding. Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 2513 S Sawyer. ShotSpotter26/Kedzie: He's Got a Rifle In His Hand. foot chase, he's hopping the fence. 2525 S Kedzie: rifle recovered.
Shots fired, 4949 S Calumet.
Shot fired, 205 E Garfield Blvd.
Shots fired, 6401 S Richards, at the golf course.
Shots fired, 7843 S Dobson.
Shots fired, 8100 S Maryland.
Shot fired, 2656 N Cicero.
5 month ago
6734 S Chappel: a call of shots fired, caller hears shots from inside the building, didn't see anything. Chicago
3262 W Walnut: anonymous claims they heard about 10 gunshots. Chicago
7244 S Dobson: a group of youths are fighting in the alley, about 30 people Chicago
7240 S Cornell: a call of an auto theft in progress, no further. Chicago
2700 W North Ave: a call of shots fired at Tip Top Food and Liquors, caller says 7 shots were fired by 7 male Blacks running northbound, the person with the gun is wearing a red vest.
1492 N Rockwell: a single call of a person shot, caller is a kid and he says he's been shot, sounds like he's outside, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shot fired, 5820 S Lafayette.
5 month ago
Peru 3650 Cougar Dr Smoke Showing from a 1sty industrial building. MI,317
Shot fired, 1246 E 75th St, in the mouth of the alley.
5 month ago
Hazel Crest Box Alarm 171st x Park Hazmat incident. MT,317
9132 S Racine: a call of a battery in progress at Brainerd Park, caller says 5 females are attacking one female, no visible weapons. Chicago
Shots fired, 15 rounds heard at 4700 W Monroe.
Shot fired, 2124 S Lawndale.
Shot fired, 220 W 63rd St.
Shots fired, 7420 S Ellis, in the rear.
Shots fired, 4 heard near Glenwood/Farwell. Chicago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 3652 S Homan, on the inbound e-way.
LOUD REPORTS gunshots heard near 7938 S Ingleside. Chicago
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 3919 W Madison.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 4747 W Congress.Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 425 S Cicero.
Shots fired, 5 heard near 1452 W Blackhawk. Chicago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 38 S Whipple.
6104 Waveland call of shots fired
5 month ago
46/Evans: caller heard shots, didn't see anything. Chicago
Shots fired, 16 rounds heard at 7649 S Green.
Shot fired, 4503 S Hermitage, in the park.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 3307 E 91st St.
Shot fired, 8140 S Cottage.
5 month ago
13 rounds fired. Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 10840 S State Line Rd, full auto, possible drive-by.
Man shot to death in North Lawndale
5 month ago
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 10840 S State Line Rd, full auto, possible drive-by.
606 E 75th St: security is letting males in with guns, caller says he left once he noticed it happen. Chicago
450 W Melrose: she threw a knife at her boyfriend and stabbed him. Chicago
Male (27) shot and killed,1305 S Springfield Chicago the victim sustained multiple GSWs all around the body, he was pronounced at Mt Sinai Hospital
5 month ago
Male (44) shot in the leg,674 E 133rd St Chicago
Male (44) shot in the L bicep,2400 S St Louis Chicago. there's a drop-off gunshot victim at Mt Sinai Hospital.
1747 E 67th St: her boyfriend threatened to kill her and the kids. Chicago
Shots fired, 4 heard near 6122 S Rhodes. Chicago
5 month ago
Shot fired, 8443 S South Chicago Ave, in the alley.