21 July 2024
Shots fired, 814 N Harding, in the alley.
3 month ago
Chicago 329 E 134th St Heavy fire in the rear of a 1.5 sty. MT,317
Shot fired, 7415 S East End.
Shots fired, 6501 S Cornell.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 63 W 125th St.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 11915 S Perry.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 20 heard near 104/Ave L, caller says a male Hispanic is outside shooting at someone. Chicago
Shots fired, 4401 S Wood.
Shots fired, 7407 S Ingleside.
Shots fired, 301 N Menard.
A man was shot and killed while driving on the city's South Side on Easter Sunday, police said
Shots fired, 3 heard near Rockwell/Wilson. Chicago
Shots fired, 5300 W Harrison, full auto.
Shots fired, 5 heard near 6500 N Hoyne. Chicago
90/Claremont: 10-15 adults are outside threatening each other and fighting after a party. Chicago
3 month ago
Shots fired, 13336 S Prairie, in the T-alley.
Shot fired, 5559 S Whipple.
Shot fired, 9532 S Harvard, in the parking lot.
Shots fired, 1519 E 61st St, in the rear.
Teen killed, 3 men injured after 2 people open fire on West Side
Shots fired, 5 heard near 550 N Kingsbury. Chicago
Shots fired, 7327 S Champlain, in the rear.
322 E Illinois: multiple calls of teens fighting inside the AMC Theater. Chicago
Teen killed, 3 others wounded in Austin
Shots fired, 1820 S St Louis, in the alley.
Shots fired, 2652 W 86th St.
426 S Clark: there was a call of shots fired at the Ewing Annex Hotel, the caller said the whole 2nd floor is shooting military weapons. 111 responded to the scene and checked it out, the incident is unfounded, 19-Adam. SWAT can stand down. Chicago
Libertyville Box Alarm 481 Peterson Rd Structure Fire. 3 patients.
Shots fired, 24 rounds heard at 4032 W Wilcox.
501 N Ogden: EMS is rolling for a call of a male shot in the leg at Twisted Spoke. Chicago
Shots fired, 4735 S Indiana.
5 shot, 5333 W Madisondue to the victims being minors relevant info was kept off the air:Ambo 10 to Sinai, Yellow, shot in the left ankle.Ambo 15 to Stroger, Red, shot in the face and leg.Ambo 52 to Stroger, Green, shot in the right foot.
Male (19) shot in the back,6727 S Cornell Chicago the crime scene consists of a blood pool and approximately 24 shell casings, some rifle and some handgun
Shots fired, 1238 S Keeler.
Shots fired, 5645 S Whipple, in the backyard.
Shots fired, 3303 W Harrison. Shots fired, 519 S Albany.
5327 W Madison: Assist The POa call of multiple ppl shot,Chicago
6727 S Cornell: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot but the cell tower is hitting off of the 4200 block of North Richmond. Chicago
Shots fired, 6725 S Cornell.Shots fired, 6719 S Cornell.Shots fired, 6736 S Cornell.
Shots fired, 625 N Cicero.Shots fired, 615 N Cicero.Shots fired, 633 N Cicero.
Shots fired, 3101 W Polk.
2 shot, 3731 W Roosevelt Female 31 - right shoulder, right wrist, left arm (her birthday is April 1st) Male 33 - multiple (9) GSWs Chicago the crime scene consists of approximately 40 shell casings at the GoLo gas station, both rifle and 9mm
68 E 57th St: caller says someone was shot and they believe they are dead. Chicago
Ogden/Harrison: a call of a person with a gun, caller says 4 cars filled with male Blacks and female Blacks with guns are filming a music video, they are using the (unreliable)
Shots fired, 617 W Marquette Rd.
3 month ago
Male shot in the chest and both hands, 11714 S Calumet Chicago
Shots fired, 15-16 heard near Division/Marshfield. Chicago
MassShooting: so far, 5 victims in total. Chicago there's a drop-off gunshot victim at Rush Hospital.
Shots fired, 12 heard near 918 N Richmond. Chicago
2 shot, 321 S Kilpatrick Male 38 - left leg Female 33 - abdomen Chicago
3933 W 63rd St: caller says the 24yo boyfriend accidentally shot himself in the forearm, EMS is rolling. Selfie. Chicago
Waukegan 2337 Linden Basement fire. TT,317