21 July 2024
Male (34) shot in the R foot,215 S Pulaski Chicago the victim self-transported to West Suburban Hospital
Still and Bo at 5038 W. Washington Bl. Still and Box Alarm, 3 sty 100x100, fire on the 1st, aerial to the roof, water on fire
Shots fired, 6550 S Perry, in Periwinkle Playlot Park.
EMS Plan 1 at Division/Homan. Two (2) vehicle auto accident with a rollover, Three (3) Red transported to Mt. Sinai. NFI (2)
Ambo 44 to Stroger.Ambo 7 to Mt. Sinai.a DOA has been pronounced on scene. CPD says a 4th victim possibly self-transported.Chicago
A call of a MassShooting coming in, sounds like 1 of the victims is deceased. Chicago
Male (24) shot in the back, 4404 S Wood Chicago
3059 W 63rd St: a call of an ATIP, caller heard gunshots in a warehouse.ppl at the party have guns.SWAT is rolling
Male (42) shot and killed. 4502 S Pulaski Chicago the victim sustained a GSW to the back of the head, he was pronounced at Mt Sinai at 2233 hours
Male (18) shot and killed, 6045 S Laflin Chicago the victim is in the driver's seat of a blue Ford Focus, he was pronounced on scene at 2100 hours
1610 N Hamlin:the crime scene consists of approximately 30 shell casings, a firearm, an a corpse. Chicago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 248 W 95th St.
6808 S Ridgeland: a call of a person stabbed, caller says her son and his girlfriend are fighting and she just stabbed her son in the arm. Chicago
Shot fired, 8155 S Ellis.
3033 Sheridan fire was in single unit on floor 9. Most residents are sheltering in place. Fire is out. Conducting searches and responding to apartments asking for assistance
The still and box on 3033 Sheridan is struck out. Two transports. One red from the ninth floor and one yellow
Still and Box alarm A fire 3033 North Sheridan road heavy smoke on 9
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire Hi Rise EMS Plan I 3033 N Sheridan Heavy smoke on 8 and 9
7 month ago
Argonne Labs Hazmat 9700 S Cass Ave Full Still requested on their hazmat box. MT,317
7 month ago
Dolton 15232 S Dante Full Still for the Structure Fire. BF,317
Chicago Level II Hazmat 2600 W Columbus NS Landers Fuel tanker on fire in tge rail yard. Metra line shut down
7 month ago
Male (54) shot in both thighs,9030 S PhillipsChicago
Shots fired, 2130 W 23rd St, multiple shooters.
Shots fired, 2130 W 23rd St, multiple shooters. chicagoScanner
7701 S Cicero: EMS is rolling for a call of a female shot in a car at the Saratoga Motel. Chicago
Shots fired, 30 rounds heard at 4350 W 79th St, in Rainey Park.
SHOOTING INVESTIGATION: Adult male and female were shot in a vehicle near Winnebago/Acorn area. They are both being treated at a local hospital. The female was shot in the foot and the male was shot in the back. At this time, both are listed as stable
Male (20) shot in the right thigh 2x, 149 N Parkside Chicago today is his birthday
Shots fired, 4807 S Springfield.
Shots fired, 206 S Whipple.
Shots fired, 2624 W 21st Pl, in the alley.
Shots fired, 8006 S Loomis.
7 month ago
Shots fired, 11548 S Yale, in the alley, full auto.
143 N Parkside: a call of a person shot, caller says a 20yo male was shot in the leg, he's currently in the hallway, EMS is rolling. there was a hit for 14 rounds at 152 N Parkside in the alley.Chicago
1665 W Fullerton: caller says a male wearing a mask is robbing a taco truck at gunpoint outside the Liar's Club. Chicago
7 month ago
Shots fired, 8446 S Saginaw.
7 month ago
9030 S Phillips: EMS is rolling for a call of a 54yo male shot in the leg. Chicago
Shots fired, 7046 S Normal.
2510 N Harding: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot in the foot. Chicago
Shots fired, 3859 W Wrightwood.
7 month ago
Shot fired, 10643 S Calhoun.Shot fired, 10653 S Calhoun.
Female shot and killed, 7701 S Cicero Chicago her GSWs are neck 2x upper backright wrist the crime scene consists of blood all over the interior of a Chevy Malibu in the Saratoga Motel parking lot. she's a Jane Doe for now
Shots fired, 5359 S Carpenter.