25 July 2024
Male (28) shot multiple times,2941 E 83rd St Critical Chicago in 2017 the victim was shot in the ass during a MassShooting. GSWs arepelvic area 8x abdomen chest armhand.
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 8437 S Throop.Shots fired, 22 rounds heard at 8415 S Racine.
Shots fired, 36 rounds heard at 2957 E 83rd St. EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot at the gas station.Chicago
Rockford 828 14th St Fire in an apartment building
Male (41) shot and killed,3839 W Monroe Chicago
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 2607 W 60th St.
Male (39) shot multiple times, 3510 S Dearborn Critical Chicago his GSWs are right leg 6xleft leg 4xleft forearm 2x left kneethe crime scene consists of about 5 shell casings, blood on the ground and a towel
Shots fired, 9230 S Stony.
Shots fired, 2903 N Kolmar, in the alley.
Cornelia/Cicero: LOUD REPORTSA call says a male in a ski mask is shooting a gun
Shots fired, 6-10 heard near 133/Ave K. Chicago
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 4606 W Deming Pl.
501 N Central: caller says someone shot inside the building. Chicago
Shots fired, 4346 S Wood.
Female (20) shot in the R hip, 7146 S Ashlandit occurred at 7100 S DamenChicago it took a minute to identify the victim because she had 2 fake IDs on her, the crime scene consists of shell casings on Damen and a shot up Chrysler on Ashland
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 854 N Kostner.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 6621 S Vernon.
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 8352 S Cottage.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 4648 W Adams, in the alley.
9118 S Cottage: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot in the leg at the motel. Chicago
Shot fired, 644 W 71st St.
Male (23) shot in the L hip,1136 W 68th StChicago the victim's birthday was yesterday
1147 S Wabash: 3 males are shoplifting at Trader Joe's. Chicago
Shot fired, 7845 S Paulina.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 334 W 93rd St.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 230 E Garfield Blvd.
Two people, including a tow-truck driver, were killed in a shootout on the Far South Side Wednesday morning, Chicago police said
Shots fired, 14 heard near 11409 S Lowe.caller says a tow truck driver was shot while he was trying to tow a Durango. Chicago
55/Rockwell: EMS is on scene looking around for a gunshot victim. Chicago
Male (20) shot in the L thigh, 7800 S Colfax Chicago the victim says it was an attempt robbery
Central/Higgins: Antonio says he was robbed by a male Black on a CTA bus, and then he became uncooperative. Chicago
101/Ave M: a Still and Box Alarm fire. Chicago
8520 S Parnell: caller says her son just got shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Male shot and killed, 7055 S Merrill Chicago the victim is a John Doe, he was pronounced at 2132 hours by Dr. Jaszczak at UofC. his GSWs areleft eyebrowright arterial neckleft chest below the nippleright anterior chestright
Male (18) shot and killed, 8520 S Parnell Chicago the victim was pronounced on scene
Shots fired, 6245 S Massasoit, by the garage.
Female (20) shot in the head, 3852 W Ainslie Chicago the victim is in grave condition at Illinois Masonic
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 71/Jeffery. Chicago
3016 S Halsted the store was robbed at gunpoint and the employees were all zip tied Chicago
Shots fired, 3842 W Jackson, in the alley.
Shots fired, 10504 S Bensley.
In the 3700 block of W. Lawrence. a male victim, 36, was near the sidewalk when he was struck in the back by gunfire. The victim was transported to St. Francis Hospital initially reported in fair condition. There are no offenders in custody,
Shots fired, 79/Jeffery, caller says they heard over 40 gunshots, sounded like an exchange of gunfire. Chicago
Avers/Ainslie: person shot.Engine 124 is doing CPR.one GSW to the head, critical
Male (26) shot in the back, 3746 W Lawrence Chicago the victim has multiple GSWs to the back, he's in fair condition at St Francis