25 July 2024
Halsted/Orange Line: a call of 2 males fighting on a CTA train, then there was a gunshot. Chicago
Shots fired, 3650 E 106th St.
Prospect Heights 601 Piper Ln Nack porch extended to the building.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 6709 S Peoria.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 418 W 66th St.
Halsted/Orange Line: person shot.CTA Chicago
Shots fired, 9600 S Stony.
Shots fired, 2 heard near Adams/Wabash. Chicago
Shots fired, 5711 S Prairie.
Male (25) shot in the back, 7522 S Chappel Chicago
2 shot, 2353 E 73rd St Male 24 - left leg Male 25 - left leg Chicago the victims self-transported to South Shore Hospital
Male (21) shot in the R calf and L thigh, 1300 S Lawndale Six Graze Wounds Chicago
Shots fired, 10266 S Indianapolis.
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 13237 S Prairie.
48/Western: 10-1.Shots fired, 4933 S Western. Chicago
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 7512 S Parnell, in the alley, full auto.
Male (24) shot in the R thigh, 6905 S State Chicago
Shots fired, 7517 S Coles.
Shots fired, 5004 W Huron, in the backyard.
2 shot, 8541 S Vernon Male 35 - ass, right forearm. Male 32 - chest, right thigh Chicago the crime consists of the victims' clothes, blood, one live round, and about 4 shell casings
Shots fired, 8010 S Saginaw.
81/Racine: EMS is rolling for a call of a male stabbed in the shoulder. Chicago
Shots fired, 11 heard near 69/Chappel. Chicago
Male (18) shot in both legs, 5647 S Justine Chicago 2 offenders are in custody. the crime scene consists of blood, 1 spent bullet, 20 shell casings, and there are 2 firearms in the alley
Shots fired, 22 round heard at 5623 S Justine.
71/Dan Ryan: a call of shots fired on the e-way, a black Toyota 4Runner headed southbound on the e-way shot at the caller and at his car, caller's son is in the car. Chicago
Shots fired, 1409 S Keeler, in the backyard.
Chicago EMS Plan I 76th x Lafayette Accident involving a bus
Chicago 1649 W Touhy Smoke showing from a 3 sty courtyard apartment building. MT,317
Shot fired, 303 W 110th St.
Rockford 1106 S 6th St SFD, fire on 1
Shots fired, 7213 S Washtenaw, full auto, in the backyard.
Shots fired, 1208 N Pine, in the rear.
Female (64) shot in the L arm and abdomen,4000 E 134th St Critical Chicago offender in custody. the crime scene consists of a gun, a bullet fragment that fell out of the victim, and a blood trail in trailer 613
Shots fired, 5317 S Calumet, in the alley.
Male (68) shot in the upper abdomen, 452 E 61st St Critical Chicago the crime scene consists of 8 shell casings
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 6107 S Vernon. EMS is rolling for a call of a male shot in the chest on the sidewalk.Chicago
Two shot, one fatally, at west Fort Worth motel ​
Shots fired, 8022 S Harper.
Shooting at migrant shelter on 1300 North Elston so far when shooting victim listing them as a John Doe probably a migrant on-the-spot reporting chicago migrants crime