25 July 2024
Shots fired, 5 heard near 6149 N Broadway. Chicago
Shots fired, 72 E 75th St.
Shots fired, 63 E 75th St.
5021 W Washington: paging SWAT.person with a gun, shots fired, her child's father just shot up her 19yo daughter's vehicle when she was inside the vehicle, she left, he's barricaded in the house. HBT SWAT is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 17 rounds heard at 440 N Drake.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 9 rounds heard at 12428 S Michigan, in the rear.
107th Pl/Springfield: 10-1..caller says her 50yo husband is a police officer, he's having a heart attack, the 17yo daughter is having a breakdown, yelling can be heard in the background Chicago
4 month ago
9104 S Brandon: a call of a suspicious auto with occupants, Theodore says there's a gray 4-door car, it looks suspicious, possibly 3 ppl inside, one of the occupants keeps looking toward the caller's home. Chicago
Shot fired, 8134 S Cottage, in the alley.
4 month ago
9610 S Brennan: 3 male Blacks carjacked a female Uber driver for a gray 2017 Infiniti Q50 (DA 58556).
Shots fired, 823 N Waller, in the alley.
4 month ago
Blue Island 12400 S Greenwood Fire in an apartment building
Chicago 1242 S Sawyer 2 sty ord, occupied, fire on 1
Shots fired, 3 heard near Caldwell/Leader. Chicago
Male shot in the head, 5322 S Kedzie Critical Chicago what do you want to have the ET processit's going to be the vehicle as well as we have the victim's clothing and weapon.and this is on the shooting from when the DEA officer tried to put him
5245 S Kedzie: caller says there's a short male Hispanic wearing a red hoodie and black jeans who's kicking in (the door) on the 2nd floor, there is prostitution going on at that address, no weapons seen. Chicago
Shot fired, 1111 W 76th St, in the alley.
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 7839 S Dobson.
Shots fired, 4525 W Belmont.
Chicago 6534 S St Lawrence Structure Fire. DS,317
Shots fired, 3645 W Polk, in the park.
Shots fired, Clark/Roscoe. Chicago
4 month ago
Shots fired, 6725 S Clyde. caller says her ex-boyfriend was shooting outside. Chicago
6535 S King: a call of a person with a gun at the Best Motel, Steve says he sees a male Black in a red car playing with a gun. Chicago
4 month ago
Shot fired, 3033 E 106th St.
4 month ago
Shot fired, 314 W 116th St.
Shots fired, 1538 S Homan.Shots fired, 1533 S Homan.full auto.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 6800 S Paxton.
Female (25) shot and killed, 6526 S Greenwood Chicago what do you have on the crime scene for the ET to processthe body, 2 rifle casings, and one bullet hole in the bedroom
Male (24) shot in the L leg, 1528 E 67th PlChicago
Shots fired, 25 rounds heard at 6835 S Carpenter.
6528 S Greenwood: caller says someone is shooting on the 1st floor in the hallway. Chicago
Shot fired, 8125 S Richmond, in the backyard.
1528 E 67th Pl: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shot fired, 4435 S Western.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 10 heard near 117/Wentworth. Chicago
Shots fired, 7355 S Troy.
Mundelein Box Alarm 32 Washington Blvd Tech Resc,ue Teams due for a building collapse.
4 month ago
Lockport 1109 E Division Fire showing from the 1st floor. MS,317
4 month ago
Pingree Grove 677 Bayshore Dr Fire showing from the 2nd floor. TT,317
Shot fired, 574 N Lockwood.
Shot fired, 7121 S Union, in the alley.
Shots fired, 5458 W Kinzie.
47 W Polk: caller says shots were fired inside Bar Louie. Chicago
Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 9300 S Stony.