30 November 2023
Male (23) shot and killed,2949 N Neenah Chicago
Male (23) shot in the L collarbone,2949 N Neenah Critical Chicago Person shot. 2949 N Neenah. Male shot.
245 N Oakley: a vendor was just robbed by 2 male Blacks with guns, a wallet was taken, no injuries, they were wearing masks, they fled eastbound in a black Nissan Versa. Chicago
Fulton/Western: a robbery at gunpoint just occurred. Chicago
8701 S Western: anonymous says they heard shots fired near the Dan Ryan Woods. Chicago
Chicago 2-11 Alarm 2430 N Lincoln Ave while fighting a fire in a 4 story mixed yse building, Firefighter Drew Price became trapped. RIT teams rescued FF Price.
3243 W Walnut: caller says her 38yo son is shot in the arm. Chicago
Jackson/Springfield: a call of a person shot. Chicago
2 week ago
Shots fired call, 2800 Winter Shots fired call, Winter/Mott Shots fired call, Malabar/Forest
Shots fired, 2-3 heard near Granville/Wolcott. Chicago
7300 W Chase: anonymous says he heard multiple shots fired
Shots fired, 6819 S Harper.
Shots fired, 6405 S Wolcott.
1111 S Laflin: a call of over 25 ppl fighting a security guard and someone pulled out a gun. Chicago
Shots fired, 2255 W 50th Pl.
Male (30) shot in the leg, 6917 S Talman Chicago he self-transported to Christ Hospital
3515 W Lexington: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shot fired, 8004 S Yale, on the side of the building.
Shots fired, 1018 E 73rd St.
Male (47) shot in the chest and ribs,3800 W Roosevelt Critical Chicago
Shots fired, 6915 S Talman.Shots fired, 6930 S Talman.
Shots fired, 3115 S Karlov, in the alley.
Shots fired, 1200 E 71st St.
2 week ago
Wauconda FPD Volo 264 Purcell Rd Fire in a house with exposure to the D side house. TT,317
Shot fired, 7734 S Christiana, in the rear.
Diversey/Kilpatrick: caller says he was just robbed at the Chase Bank ATM by 2 males in a black Chevy, no weapons, unknown direction of travel. Chicago
Shots fired, 6816 S Wolcott.
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 1977 E 73rd St.
Shots fired, 248 W 117th St.
Shots fired, 12258 S Princeton.
Shots fired, 5 heard near 9955 S Seeley. Chicago
Shots fired, 36 rounds heard at 102 W 109th Pl.
Cermak/Sacramento: a call of shots fired and someone shouting gang slogans. Chicago
Shots fired, 8500 S Green Bay.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 52 E 104th St.
Shot fired, 8856 S Yale.Shots fired, 8839 S Princeton.
Shots fired, 450 N Lake Shore Drive. Chicago
Shots fired, 6000 S Francisco. Shots fired, 3041 W 59th St.
Shots fired, 3441 E 100th St.Shots fired, 3439 E 100th St.
Shot fired, 8657 S Saginaw.
Shots fired, 814 N Central Park..Shots fired, 3600 W Chicago. Shots fired, 3557 W Chicago.
Shots fired, 6032 S Prairie.
Oak lawn fire thru the roof of a house 9300 blk 69th Court Full still requested off box12
Chicago 9331 S Prairie Fire in a 1 sty. MT,317
One person is dead after a car crashed into a train Saturday night on Chicago's Southwest Side, fire officials said
Shots fired, 16 rounds heard at 4429 S Honore.