25 July 2024
3440 W Franklin: a call of a person shot, an uncooperative caller says he's been shot in the leg, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Homewood 18439 Marshfield House Fire. TT,317
Shots fired, 23 rounds heard at 7226 S Paulina, coming from the rear.
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 70/Wood. Chicago
Shot fired, 7947 S Ingleside, near the garage.
Shot fired, 7000 S Green.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 130/Ellis.Chicago
Shots fired, 98/Green. Shots fired, 98/Halsted. Chicago
Shots fired, Lawrence/Central, caller says they heard about 30 shots from different guns. Chicago
Shot fired, 6034 S Honore.
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 6201 S Hermitage.
7200 S Winchester: a call of a person with a gun, 20 male Blacks are mourning someone's death and they all have guns, they're getting into it with each other. Chicago
Congress/Kostner: a call of a female stabbed at the BP, she's bleeding. Chicago
Shots fired, 8 heard near 116/Campbell. Chicago
Shots fired, 9202 S Perry.
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 7219 S Hermitage.
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 3806 W 87th St.
Chicago EMS Plan I 1330 S Throop Multiple persons down
2 month ago
Boy (16) shot in the leg, 8414 S Crandon Critical Chicago the crime scene consists of blood inside the house and a rifle. there's also an expended shell casing in the victim's bedroom, this could possibly be self-inflicted, there's blood in the bedroom
2 month ago
South Holland 164th x Dobson Structure Fire. FNC,317
2 month ago
8414 S Crandon: EMS is rolling for a call of a 16yo male shot in the leg. Chicago
Shots fired, 2127 N Nordica.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 1036 N Parkside, in the alley. Shots fired, 15 rounds heard at 1035 N Waller, in the backyard.18 rounds total.
Shots fired, 1036 N Parkside. Shots fired, 1035 N Waller.18 rounds total.
Shot fired, 9102 S Cottage.
Shots fired, 6855 S Emerald.
Shots fired, 6612 S Kenwood, in the alley.
2 month ago
Male (38) shot in the R knee and both feet,220 E 116th St Chicago the crime scene consists of about 4 shell casings
Chicago 9306 S Union 2 sty ord. E93 leading out
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 7948 S Loomis.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 857 N Lawndale.
2 month ago
Male (26) shot in the L leg,626 E 38th Pl Chicago
A 38-year-old man was wounded in a shooting near Montrose Beach Sunday night, Chicago police said
Libertyville Box Alarm 1206 Park Ave Structure Fire. BL,317
call of a person shot on 25th and King is at McDonald's
2525 S King: EMS is rolling for a call of an adult male shot in a black Buick. Chicago
Shots fired, 6038 S Racine.
Chicago 2653 W 21st Back porches going
1518 W 77th St: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
2 shot, 8502 S King Male 23 - right calf Female 23 - bacj Chicago the crime scene consists of about 40 shell casings in the street, on the sidewalk, and on the basketball court at Cole Park
Chicago 7401 S Ashland Water on the fire, searches in progress
Male (38) shot in the L shoulder,4497 N Simonds Dr Chicago the victim is in good condition at Illinois Masonic
4400 N Christiana: a call of shots fired and people screaming in the alley
A person shot at Montrose Beach in Chicago. Person Struck by Gunfire at Montrose Park 4621 N Simonds Dr Uptown,
2 month ago
Shots fired, 3434 E 87th St, moving shooter, northbound.
Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 7646 S May, in the backyard.
Shots fired, 15 heard near 79/Ingleside. Chicago
Shot fired, Erie/Wood. Chicago
2 shot, 2 S Lotus Male 23 - left hip, L armpit Male 28 - back. Chicago the crime scene consists of about 40 shell casings, a cellphone on the ground, and keys
Shots fired, 3 heard near Foster Beach. Chicago
Male (32) shot in the L hip,3215 W 71st St Chicago the crime scene consists of a shell casing and blood