25 July 2024
Male (20) shot in the abdomen, 3245 N Oriole Chicago
Male (53) shot & killed,712 E 87th StChicago he was pronounced at 1325 hours
Male (53) shot in the head,712 E 87th StCritical Chicago
Shot fired, 6541 S Rhodes.
3245 N Oriole: a call of a person shot in the stomach, EMS is rolling. Chicago
87/Cottage: a call of a person shot, caller says a security guard was shot in the parking lot, he's laying on the ground outside Chase Bank, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Elk Grove Village 50 Kendal Rd Structure Fire, 1 rescue made. TT,317
McHenry Township FPD 2131 Sassafras Way Structure Fire. TT,317
7 month ago
Shots fired, 7128 S Jeffery.
Chicago 47th x Wells Fire in a 1 sty. E50 leading out
Shots fired, 325 S Kilpatrick.
Shots fired, 6156 S King, in the alley.
Shots fired, 3-8 heard near Sunnyside/Magnolia, multiple calls. Chicago
Shots fired, 1118 E 82nd St.
Chicago 7706 S Lowe Fire in the basement of a 3.5 sty
Shots fired, 8801 S Princeton.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 4005 W West End, on the side of the firehouse.
Male (20) shot in the R thigh,7500 S Union Chicago the victim is relating that he was shot outside, but the trail of blood is leading to the living room.
Fillmore/Springfield: a call of a person shot, there's a white sedan on the corner with bullet holes in the window and somebody is leaning over the passenger seat, caller doesn't know if the person is shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
7 month ago
3312 E 91st St: caller says he heard shots fired, the apartment window shattered and car windows are shattered. Chicago
Shots fired, 6442 S Artesian.
1310 N Elston: caller says a migrant was just attacked and robbed by another migrant. Chicago
100 S Michigan: there was an attempted armed bank robbery at Citibank, the offender is described as a male Black in his mid 40s, 5'8 with gray hair, he was wearing blue or black pants and a blue or black jacket.
Shots fired, 7226 S Richmond, in the alley.
Wheeling 375 Plum Creek Dr 5 sty apartment complex, heavy fire on 4. Deck gunning it while crews stretch lines inside
Wheeling 375 Plum Creek Dr Smoke from a commercial building
Still and Box 1901 W 47th st, 2 critical Fire transports from Fire. 47 yr female to stroger and 14-year-old male. Both were transported to stroger hospital. All companies working
7 month ago
Shots fired, 140 W 120th St, full auto, moving shooter, possible drive-by. Chicago
Female (18) stabbed in the L thigh,7856 S Maryland Critical Chicago there's blood all over the apartment
Shot fired, 4742 S Hermitage, in the alley.
Shots fired, 755 N Cicero. Shots fired, 753 N Cicero.
7 month ago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 9900 S Calhoun, in the backyard.
Female (24) shot in the hand,3120 W Madison Chicago Ambo 64 transported her to Mt. Sinai Hospital in good condition
Man fatally shot in Austin n the 1600 block of North Mango Avenue, Chicago
1901 W 47th Street: a Still and Box Alarm and an EMS Plan I for a fire. Chicago
1901 W 47th Street: a Still and Box Alarm fire. Chicago
Shots fired, 1748 N Long.
3120 W Madison: EMS is rolling for a call of a 25yo female shot in the hand. Chicago
Male (44) shot multiple times,1654 N Mango Critical Chicago his GSWs aretorso 3xgroin
7 month ago
Shots fired, 10924 S Wabash, in the alley.