25 July 2024
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 5013 S King, in the rear.
Shot fired, 8112 S Langley, in the alley.
Shots fired, 300 N Central.
600 N Wabash: a call of smoke in the smoking area at Bally's Casino. Chicago
Shooting 47th and Western Southside Chicago . shot through the back window of his car in good condition with gunshot wound to the top of the head . this is where the victim ended up he was shot on Oakley . on the spot reporting Shooting victim was shot through the back window of his car . he got hit on the top of his head he's in the hospital in good condition . the shooting didn't happen here it happened on Oakley
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 1237 S Harding.
6 month ago
Shot fired, 10107 S Yates.Shot fired, 9902 S Yates.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 1909 E 78th St.
Shots fired, 5037 S Carpenter, in the alley.
Chicago 1523 E 67th Pl Fire on 2. Large 3 sty apartment building
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 64/King. Chicago
Lotus/Adams: 2 males with guns robbed the victim of his wallet, phone, money and car keys. Chicago
6 month ago
7645 S Coles: a call of a person shot, caller says she was shot when they were trying to rob her, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 9 heard near 1641 W 21st St. Chicago
Shots fired, 1248 S Christiana, in the backyard.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 7749 S Phillips.
Shots fired, 8440 S Vernon, in the backyard.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 8948 S Baltimore, in the alley.
4105 W Chicago: a call of an assault in progress, a female Black wearing a prison jumpsuit is inside threatening the staff, she says she just got out of prison, unknown weapons. Chicago
6 month ago
Shots fired, 79/Essex.Chicago
Ford Heights Semi Fire 803 E Lincoln Hwy Tractor Trailer on fire in Family Dollar Lot
6 month ago
Rosemont 5220 Fasion Outlets Way Vehicle fire in the parking garage. TO,MT,317
3743 S Archer: a call of a person shot, caller says a male outside stated he has been shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
6 month ago
Dolton MVA Vehicle vs. House 14900 LaSalle. Heavy Damage NIFG 200
Shots fired, 5805 S Francisco, full auto.
6 month ago
Morton Grove 6330 Lincoln Ave Fire on the balcony with Heavy smoke on 3. 3 more ambos requested. SRR,SP,318
6314 and 6316 S. Hoyne. Fire struck out. No further injuries or transports at this time. Office of fire investigation on scene
6 month ago
Shots fired, 8928 S Merrill.
Shots fired, 75 E Marquette Rd, in the rear.
6314 and 6316 S. Hoyne. vacant structures. Fire under control in both structures. Both 1 1/2 story frames. Searches being conducted. No injuries
40/Talman: a call of shots fired, Daniel says the neighbors are shooting guns. Chicago
Male (23) shot in the torso exiting the back, 5360 W Division Chicago the victim is being transferred to Stroger Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center
From a ShotSpotter,there's a drop-off gunshot victim at Rush Oak Park Hospital, an adult male with a GSW to the torso. the got a hit for 4 rounds in the parking lot at 5360 W Division.Chicago
Shots fired, 7 heard near 1242 N Lake Shore Drive, in the rear. Chicago
6 month ago
Shots fired, 12058 S Eggleston, in the alley, full auto.