25 July 2024
At least 13 people have been shot, two fatally, in shootings across Chicago so far this weekend, police said
Shot fired, 1440 S Trumbull.
Shots fired, 1133 S Central Park.
Shots fired, 3659 W Roosevelt.Shots fired, 1220 S Lawndale.
3 month ago
Two men were killed after a four-vehicle car crash Sunday in the south suburbs
Shots fired, 6918 S Winchester, in the alley.
3 month ago
7130 S Jeffery: a call of a person shot, caller heard 3-4 shots and says someone is shot, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire 854 N St Louis 1.5 sty ord, people trapped on the roof
Shots fired, 6801 S Talman.
2ND ALARM COMMERCIAL BUILDING FIRE FS85 1332 S Lone Hill Ave Glendora At approx. 9:23 p.m. LACoFD arrived on scene of a vacant commercial building with smoke and fire. Units are currently in defensive mode due to a partial roof collapse
3 month ago
Shots fired, 9005 S Burley.
Male (44) shot in the R thigh possibly exiting the ass, 250 E 53rd St Chicago the crime scene consists of approximately 75 shell casings
Shots fired, 5929 S Damen.Shots fired, 5924 S Winchester.
3 month ago
926 E 43rd St: a call of an assault in progress, caller says her boyfriend killed himself earlier and 10 members of the family are outside making threats toward her trying to get into the building, nothing further. Chicago
Female (33) stabbed in the abdomen 3x and groin, 6156 S King Chicago what type of condition is your victim instable.that's not a condition.fair.offender in custody, the crime scene consists of a knife in the kitchen
615 N Trumbull: a cache of drugs and weapons were recovered including at least 4 rifles. Chicago
Shots fired, 8616 S Aberdeen.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 7359 S Oglesby.
Shots fired, 5628 S Bishop.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 8006 S Phillips.
Shots fired, 5302 S Prairie.Shots fired, 5333 S Prairie.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 8744 S Manistee, in the rear.
A man was hit by gunfire while driving in Chicago's South Loop early Saturday, police said
This shooting on 13th St is now a homicide, 37yo man shot and killed.
Chicago EMS Plan I 211 E Garfield Blvd Multiple GSWs. DS,317
Bonafide person shot, 1321 W 13th St
At least 4 shot, EMS Plan I called, 211 E Garfield
211 E Garfield Blvd: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot at the lounge. Chicago
3 month ago
Shots fired, 8112 S Exchange.
3 shot, 211 E Garfield Male (53) shot 3x in the chest, critical Male (49) shot in the left upper leg, good cond.Female (50) grazed on the right side of the head