10 December 2023
6 month ago
Structure Fire (Hebron) Hebron Fire District on scene of a large mulch pile on fire and a sawmill on fire at Northwest Wood Products, 16306 Hebron Road.
A man was shot on the North Side last night, possibly by someone he works with at a security company
Two people were injured early Wednesday morning in a hit-and-run crash on North DuSable Lake Shore Drive in Streeterville, Chicago police said
6 month ago
Male (17) shot in the chest and back 2x, 12204 S Morgan
Male shot in the R leg and back, 348 S Sacramento
61/Ashland: EMS is rolling for a call of a male shot at the gas station. Chicago
2-11 Alarm at 50th & Morgan. There are multiple lines on the fire. Area is next to a rail container yard
Five people face charges in the June 3 shooting at Rockford Speedway in Loves Park
6 month ago
Boone County Fire District 3 Caledonia Box Alarm 18763 Grade School Rd Well involved barn
Man fatally shot during exchange of gunfire with person inside vehicle on South Side
6 month ago
Male (37) shot in the back and L leg 605 E 40th St Chicago
87/Cottage Grove (East Chatham): Female was just carjacked and ran over with her own vehicle. 23 year old woman in a green shirt
6 month ago
605 E 40th st 10 rounds high capacity on the AND Person Shot at this address 37 y/o male shot in back and leg Chicago
6 month ago
609 E 40th St 10 rounds And now a call of a person shot, caller says his brother was shot Chicago
Three people were shot and five were arrested including two of the wounded after gunfire was aimed at a Chicago police vehicle Monday night on the city's South Side, authorities said
62/Albany: caller says he has been shot Chicago
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 6556 S Albany.
53/Maryland: EMS is rolling for a call of a male stabbed in the arm. Chicago
69/Bishop (West Englewood): Shot fired, 1 round
29/Loomis: Shots fired, 2 rounds fired
62/Rockwell: Shots fired, 12 rounds full auto in the alley
48/Throop (Back of the Yards): Shots fired, 2 rounds
6 month ago
Shots fired, 94/Chappel. Chicago
6 month ago
76/Essex (South Shore):Shots fired, 11 rounds in the front located on the sidewalk, high capacity
70/Racine (Englewood): Person with a gun, People fighting and they have guns
82/Peoria (Auburn Gresham): Shots fired, 2 rounds in the back by the garage.
94/Champlain: Shots fired, 4 rounds, then 9 more rounds, 524 E 95th 4 rounds, then 5 rounds on the side of the house
98/Maryland: Shots fired, 9 rounds in the front
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 1724 W 51st St.
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 52/Hermitage. Chicago