29 November 2023
Jackson/Red Line: a call of a person stabbed. CTA Chicago
Shots fired, 7830 S Hermitage.
2 month ago
8408 S Jeffery: a call of ppl with guns in the alley. Chicago
Shots fired, 819 E 98th Pl, in the alley.
Shot fired, 4645 S Albany.
360 N Michigan: an 18yo male Black is threatening the caller after being fired. Chicago
Shot fired, 8148 S Winchester.
6448 S King: EMS is rolling for a call of a female stabbed. Chicago
Chicago 6318 N Melvina 1.5 sty, fire showing
Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 8601 S Wallace, full auto, multiple shooters.
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 6840 S Bishop, in the rear.
Early Notifications: 2 ppl shot, 65th and Blackstone, one of the victims is a 3yo, it may turn into a homicide. Chicago
67/Rhodes: EMS is rolling for a call of multiple ppl shot. Chicago
65/Stony: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot, possibly a child. Chicago
Male (41) stabbed to death,6350 S KingChicago
5215 W Chicago: a call of shots fired in Hook Fish and Chicken, caller says 2 females were fighting and then they started shooting. Chicago
3 month ago
Six shot, two in critical, after mass shooting in South Peoria
3 month ago
Six people have been hospitalized and two are currently in critical condition after a shooting on the south side of Peoria, Illinois, on Wednesday night, according to the Peoria Police Department
3 month ago
Shot fired, 9914 S Commercial. Shots fired, 9928 S Commercial.
Male (34) shot in the head,4459 S Wood Graze Wound Chicago
Shots fired, 7118 S Damen.
Shots fired, 6711 S Parnell.
Male (18) shot in the abdomen, 4807 S Princeton Chicago
Shots fired, 7046 S Vernon.Shots fired, 400 E 71st St.
47/Red Line: a call of a person shot, CTA says an adult male walked into the station with a gunshot wound to the stomach, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Male (32) shot in the L ankle, 3845 W Gladys Chicago
3 month ago
Shots fired, 357 E 116th St.
Shots fired, 6245 S Austin.
91/King: a call of a person shot, caller says a male driving a gray Impala claims to be shot, he's headed northbound at a high rate of speed. Chicago
1500 S Canal: caller says 2 male Blacks are robbing a male White across from the homeless shelter. Chicago
79/Cottage: a call of a person with a gun, caller says a male Black in a red Chevy Tahoe pointed a gun out the window, he is in front of Leak & Sons Funeral Home. Chicago
Shots fired, 9 rounds heard at 5258 S Marshfield.
3 month ago
Shot fired, 11958 S Perry.