29 November 2023
6 month ago
Shot fired, 8128 S Oglesby.
Male (28) shot and killed, 6024 S Green
60/Green: a call of a person shot, the concerned citizen says he heard a gunshot and there's a male down on the ground, caller believes he's shot, the male is unconscious, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 25 rounds heard at 41 S Albany.
6 month ago
Beecher FPD 2nd Alarm 260 W Delite Inn Rd Barn Fire. Tankers only due on the 2nd. TT,317
Chicago 3947 S California A69 drove up on a fire. Full Still requested. FNC,317
6 month ago
Wallace Box Alarm 1347 N 33rd Rd Barn Fire. MT,317
Chicago 8117 S Wabash Structure Fire
Elmhurst 940 S Cedar House Fire
Three shootings in under an hour left 1 dead and 2 injured yesterday afternoon in Uptown, Edgewater, and Hollywood Park
Chicago 151 N Central E96 has smoke from a 3 sty. CB,699,317
Garage fire near Blanchard/Liberty Skycam 9 crew saw the thick black smoke from miles away
Shots fired 4 rounds 9138 S Harper Chicago
2 ppl shot, 6414 S King Male 18 - neck, chest, abdomen R armpit, back. Male 24 - right forearm, abdomen, right hip, right thigh
325 N Mayfield: 10-1... a call of a retired PO shot in the hand nn slow it down
7305 S East End: EMS is rolling for a call of a 17yo male shot in the leg. Chicago
8158 S Halsted Male (21) shot once in upper back, listed in good condition at the University of Chicago
Male (21) shot in the back 8158 S Halsted Chicago
Male (21) shot in the back, 8158 S Halsted
456 W 61st St 8 rounds 507 W 61st St 20 rounds Chicago
15 loud reports south of Garfield/Halsted Chicago
3500 block W Lake Caller says she was assaulted and stabbed by her BF Chicago
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 6500 S Racine. Shots fired, 30 rounds heard at 5524 S Ashland. Shots 4 rounds heard at 1501 W 61st St
Shots fired 4 rounds 1501 W 61st St Chicago
Shots fired 30 rounds 5524 S Ashland
Shots fired 8 rounds 6500 S Racine Chicago
Waveland/Seminary: a call of 20-30 ppl fighting. Chicago
Shots fired, 7 heard near 2340 N Bosworth. Chicago
Shots fired, Chicago/Trumbull. Chicago
6 month ago
Shot fired, 7751 S Clyde.
6 month ago
Shots fired, 5 heard near 89/Escanaba. Chicago
6 month ago
Shot fired, 12019 S Michigan.
Shot fired, 5517 S Laflin.
York Center FPD 17W545 E Roosevelt Rd 2 rooms going in a hotel. TT,317
15-year-old Jimmie Goodwin was shot to death in the 100 block of West 104th Place, Roseland neighborhood, South Side on May 22, 2023. A male, 14, was injured.6 month ago
15-year-old Jimmie Goodwin was shot to death in the 100 block of West 104th Place, Roseland neighborhood, South Side on May 22, 2023. A male, 14, was injured.
Video of a brawl this morning at O'Hare International Airport.nnChicago6 month ago
Video of a brawl this morning at O'Hare International Airport.nnChicago
6 month ago
HazMat Incident (Libertyville) Libertyville FD and multiple assisting fire departments on scene of a reported hazardous materials incident at BCI Acrylic Inc, 1800 Industrial Drive. Report of 250 gallons of polyurethane foam
A man was shot during an attempted armed robbery Tuesday morning in the Lawndale neighborhood
6 month ago
Markham 15474 Millard Full Still for the Structure Fire. KW,317
Round Lake FPD 159 Belvidere Rd Fire in a strip mall.
Belmont Avenue is blocked between St.Louis and Monticello after a fire at 3614 W. Belmont. The fire is out and companies are doing salvage and overhaul. No word on injuries. Cause and origin TBD.
Chicago 3614 W Belmont 2.5 sty frame, fire on 2. DS,317
Shots fired, 6 heard near Milwaukee/Armitage. Chicago
Shots fired, 19 rounds heard at 4309 W 18th St.
Shots fired, 3 heard near 75/Vernon. Chicago
7122 S Parnell: a male friend is in her apartment refusing to leave, he threw a knife at her. Chicago
Shots fired, 5000 S Shields.
6 month ago
2 shot, 303 W 104th St Male - (DOA) Boy 14 - shoulder, head (Graze)
6 month ago
Male (34) shot in the groin, 8700 S Baltimore