30 November 2023
1 week ago
Lansing 2319 W 177th 1 sty, fire in the basement. DM,317
Algonquin-Lake In The Hills FPD Algonquin 2977 Talaga Dr Garage Fire. TT,317
1 week ago
Carlinville officer shoots suspected car thief Sunday
Shots fired, 5827 S Princeton.
Male shot in the torso, 200 W 71st St Critical Chicago the victim is a John Doe, he's in critical condition at UofC, got about 21 shell casings on scene
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near Kimball/Addison. Chicago
Shot fired, 7611 S Essex, in the rear.
Male (72) shot and killed, 3924 W Fullerton Chicago the victim is shot in the chest, the body is at Masonic Hospital. there are approximately 5 shell casings on scene
Shot fired, 1755 E 93rd St.
Shots fired, 33 rounds heard at 7122 S Wentworth.
Dekalb 1100 W Lincoln Highway Apartment fire. FNC,317
Male (19) shot in the chest, 5323 W Washington Critical Chicago the crime scene consists of blood and 2 weapons
Shots fired, 6758 S Kolin.
Shots fired, 6756 S Normal.
5323 W Washington: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot. Chicago
Chicago One call,of shots fired rounds Pulaski and Irving Park Rd CallerSays she heard three gunshots in the area and saw two males walking north toward Montrose
8917 S Cottage: a call of 2 ppl shot in the alley, EMS is on scene with 2 gunshot victims found unresponsive. Chicago
Working Fire @ 7924 S Wood. 80 y/o male taken to U of C yellow with smoke inhalation. No other injuries or transports, NFI (2)
Chicago 7924 S Wood E129 leading out
Shot fired, 823 E 90th Pl, in the alley.
1 week ago
Beach Park 38127 N North Shore Ave Garage Fire.
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 3452 W Chicago.
Shots fired, 1549 S St Louis, in the alley. Chicago
Chicago 2507 E 77th St 3 sty ord, leading out. TT,317
Boy (16) shot & killed, 110 N Parkside Chicago the victim sustained approximately 3-4 GSWs to the chest, the crime scene consists of the body and shell casings
Shot fired, 4300 S Homan.
Shots fired, 2213 E 70th Pl.
4234 W Iowa: a call of a person with a gun and shots fired, caller says there's a disturbance with the son and landlord, the landlord has a gun. the neighbor tried to attack the caller's wife, he's CCL and he fired a shot in the air, no one is shot.
69/South Shore Drive: a call of a battery in progress, caller says 2 female Blacks are fighting. Chicago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 4900 S Throop.