11 December 2023
345 W Evergreen: caller says several ppl are fighting. Chicago
3 month ago
105/Oglesby: they are passing around a AK-47. Chicago
3 month ago
10320 S Corliss: a call of a person with a knife, caller wants her ex removed from the home, she states she going to cut him and then she hung up. Chicago
Shots fired, Archer/Western. Chicago
59/Ashland: Family Dollar was robbed at gunpoint. Chicago
2 shot, 7838 S Cottage Male 43 - chin (Critical) Male 38 - face, head, neck (Critical)
Chicago Archer x Ashland Fire at the Burger King.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 9507 S Paxton.
Male (31) shot in the hand and abdomen, 220 E 70th St Chicago
Shots fired, 24 rounds heard at 229 E 70th St.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 9148 S Paxton.
Shots fired, 4 heard near 59/Campbell. Chicago
Shot fired, 2542 S Trumbull.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 9 rounds heard at 17 W 109th Pl.
3 month ago
Shot fired, 9633 S Calhoun.
Major accident southbound Dan Ryan about 2500 South. Car rear-ends a semi. One patient pulled from car by semi driver. Now being treated by CFD. Red condition
Female (21) shot in the R arm, 1943 S Trumbull Chicago
3 month ago
Shots fired, 8431 S Burnham.
Male shot and killed, 9050 S Morgan Chicago about 30 shell casings on scene, rifle casings and a couple other calibers
9050 S Morgan: a call of a person shot, caller says there is a body on the ground, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 4200 W Madison. Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 34 N Keeler.
3 month ago
Shots fired, 9859 S Muskegon. Chicago
Chicago 5045 W Armitage E68 has a fire in a commercial building. SRR,317
3 month ago
Shots fired, 37 rounds heard at 2444 E 75th St.
Shots fired, 7216 S East End.
Shots fired, 707 S Albany.
Boy (13) shot in the abdomen / chest, 6626 S Marshfield
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 7559 S Marshfield, full auto.
3 month ago
Shot fired, 9708 S Chappel.
Male (27) shot in the eyebrow, 6101 S Green GrazeWound nChicago