11 December 2023
Shots fired, 4719 W Jackson. near Michele Clark Magnet High School
2 month ago
7422 S Euclid: caller says 2 females are fighting in the middle of the street. Chicago
Shots fired, 9319 S St Lawrence.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 13014 S Brainard.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 6743 S Eberhart.
2 month ago
Shot fired, 6801 S Merrill.
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 4436 S Lawler, moving shooter.
Fulton nd aMilwaukee - Three males seen breaking into the Smoke and Vape shop Chicago
2 stabbed, 3084 N Elston Male - (DOA) Male 28 - chest, arm (Critical)Chicago the 28yo victim is possibly an offender. what do you have on your crime scene for the ET to processa bloody crime scene and a possible murder weapon, there is a bloody
Shots fired, 6 heard near Maplewood/Pratt. Chicago
Male (24) shot in the face, 5708 S Aberdeen Chicago
Shots fired, 616 E 77th St, in the back yard.
2 month ago
Shot fired, 8732 S Mackinaw.
Shot fired, 6315 S Langley.
5654 W Roosevelt: a call of a burglary in progress at Cali Smoke Shop, caller is about 30 minutes away watching on the camera, there are ppl inside with black masks and hoodies. Chicago
2 month ago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 9737 S Ave N.
Shots fired, 8018 S Evans, in the alley.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 6 W 103rd Pl, in the rear.
Shots fired, 4830 S Justine.
2 month ago
Shot fired, 11538 S Yale, in the alley.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 4131 S State.
Male (22) shot in the L flank, 5234 W Iowa Chicago
2 month ago
2255 E 103rd St: a prisoner escaped from the lockup at the 004th District Police Station, a perimeter is being established, 101-104/Luella-Yates. Chicago
Shots fired, 6054 S Marshfield.
2 month ago
Shots fired, 6 heard near 77/Chappel. Chicago
2 month ago
74/Chappel: caller thinks he heard 2 gunshots but did not see anything. Chicago
Harlem/Irving Park: there was a call of a male Hispanic who fired shots, last going Delayed
Monroe/Dearborn: multiple calls of up to 50 ppl fighting. Chicago
3 month ago
Shots fired, 3140 S Prairie.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 6434 S Eberhart.
Devon / Central call of shots fired .