29 November 2023
2 men injured, 1 critically, in Fuller Park fire: Chicago police
Still and box 47th snd Princeton. Building is used by squatters. Transports are two adult males one yellow with smoke. One red with smoke and burns. Both to University of Chicago by CFD ambulances. Unable to do final search as this point
Second transport from still and box 47th Princeton. Both transports are adult males. First smoke inhalation second smoke plus some burns. Both to u of c by CFD ambulances Fire is suppressed at this point. Roof is gone is No further searches at this time
STILL AND BOX FOR FIRE IN THE 4700 Block of Princeton. 1 and 1/2 story frame. Exterior attack
5 month ago
8600 Catherine calls of shots fired .
5 month ago
Structure Fire (North Chicago) North Chicago and mutual aid fire departments are on the scene of a working commercial structure fire in the 1900 block of Marquette St. A working still alarm has been requested
Willie was shot and killed hours before he was set to celebrate his 21st birthday. he was pronounced at 1830 hours at Mt Sinai Hospital
Shot fired, 344 w 90th Pl.
Cermak/Michigan: EMS is rolling for a call of a male shot in the leg. Chicago
5 month ago
Shot fired, 8437 S Commercial.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 9907 S Calhoun.
5 month ago
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 245 W 108th St. Chicago
5 month ago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 13322 S Commercial.
4300 Mozart Mozart and Montrose several calls of shots fired . nnIrving / Troy nnChicagpScanner
Shots fired, 58/Kedzie. Chicago
Shots fired, 7151 S Marshfield. ChciagoScanner
Shot fired, 6108 S Natoma. ChciagoScanner
Shot fired, 5151 S Pulaski.
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 6655 S Sacramento.
20-year-old man has succumbed to his injuries. This is an active investigation and as further details develop
5 month ago
2351 working fire 10359 S. Calumet. 1.5 story 25 X 50 Documented DOA of 70 yo Male, male found in bed.OFI is investigating. No further injuries or transports
12 patients are being transported from the scene of this crash on the OB Dan Ryan at Cermak
5 month ago
Shots fired, 6 heard near 71/Constance. Chicago
Male (40) shot in the leg, 1720 W 48th St
Still and Box 6402 S Oakley 1.5 sty frame 20x50 exposure to South, all CO's working Still and Box has been struck out on the orders of DDC1 @ 2316 hrs transported 35 Y Male rescued by Truck 41 Red/ critical cond to Christ all searches complete negative No further transports
4563 Adam Emergency. Shots fired by the subway. Grand / Division
0023 EMS PLAN I 51st and MLKing Dr 3 car MVA , 2 adult/yellow to UofC, 2 adult/green to Provident, documented 1 adult refusal. 5 patients/ 4 transports: 2 yellow, 2 green, 1 refusal
Shots fired, 4917 S Loomis.
Shots fired, 247 N Kilpatrick. ShotSpoter
5 month ago
Shots fired, 12220 S Aberdeen, in the alley.
5 month ago
Teen shot, killed outside apartment building in Waukegan
5 month ago
8749 W Summerdale: a call of a fire in the forest
Shots fired, 1701 N Lotus.
5 month ago
35/Lake Park: a call of 20 ppl fighting. Chicago
Female (57) shot in the right arm, 4016 W Grenshaw Chicago
1460 hears a couple gunshots North / Kedzie
Armitage / Western calls of shots fired .
5 month ago
Shots fired, 628 E 133rd St.
Shots fired, 305 W Swann.