11 December 2023
North Ave/Kedzie: a call of shots fired, caller says 5 shots were fired from a gray Hyundai Sonata, last seen northbound on Kedzie. Chicago
4 month ago
4655 S Lake Park: 2 male Blacks about 18yo robbed the caller at gunpoint at the BP on Woodlawn. Chicago
26/Western: Juan says 3 male Blacks in a gray sedan robbed him at gunpoint while he was pumping gas, last seen westbound. Chicago
Madison/Pulaski: a call of a person with a gun. Chicago
4 month ago
109/Racine: a call of a person shot, caller says the male is crawling on the ground, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Male (50) shot in the back, 7000 S Stony Chicago the victim was sitting in a vehicle when he was shot, he was dropped off at UofC
2140 S Wabash: a call of a male Black with a gun at White Castle, he was arguing with another customer. Chicago
3922 W Arthington: a call of a burglary in progress. Chicago
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 4403 S Laramie, moving shooter.
4 month ago
2 shot, 7909 S East End. Male 31 - right knee Female 43 - left flank, chest (Critical) There are approximately 25-30 shell casings on scene
Shots fired, 18 rounds heard at 1618 N Cicero.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 6630 S Indiana, on the Chicago Skyway.
Shots fired, 8500 S St Lawrence.
2 shot, 4643 S Winchester. Female 20 - left arm Male 17 - back of the neck (Critical)n the victims were shot in a maroon Dodge Ram stolen out of Lansing Illinois, both victims are offenders and they are in custody
74/Drexel: a call of shots fired, caller says they heard 50-100 rounds. Chicago
1 shot, 317 E 79th Male - Head
2 shot, 420 W 72nd St Girl 16 - back, elbow (DOA) Girl/16 - L arm (Graze) Chicago she was pronounced at 2233 hours at UofC
72/Eggleston: 2 ppl shot. more cars
Boy (16) shot in the R thigh, 5548 W Congress Pkwy Chicago
Male (35) shot in the back, 6 S Springfield Chicago
Male shot in the L leg, 2063 N Hoyne Chicago
Chicago Still and Box Alarm Fire 6906 S Dorchester *corrected* Heavy Fire a 2 sty ord, boarded up. SRR,317
Chicago 6924 S Dorchester Structure Fire. SRR,317
Shots fired, 14 rounds heard at 6950 S Sangamon.
Shots fired, 20 rounds hear at 7931 S Kimbark. Shots fired, 22 rounds heard at 7928 S Kimbark.
Shots fired, 4958 S King.
Shots fired, 6500 S King. Chicago
A few photos from the scene where police and members of the community attempted to disperse a large group of young people gathered near the intersection of South Canal Street and West Roosevelt Road Sunday evening in Chicago
4 month ago
89/Brandon: a call of a person shot
4 month ago
Male shot killed, 11100 S State Chicago. his GSWs are left hig back face. the body had to be removed from the Super Save Gas Station to Roseland Hospital for the safety purposes of officers and Evidence Technicians
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 6018 S State, moving shooter.
Shots fired, 4156 S Campbell.
Shots fired, 400 N McClurg Ct. Chicago
4 month ago
Shots fired, 10643 S Bensley.
Shots fired, 4921 W Quincy.
4 month ago
Shot fired, 8107 S South Shore Drive.
Shot fired, 6301 S Lake Shore Drive.
Shot fired, 4902 S Aberdeen.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 437 W 119th St. Shots fired, 21 rounds heard at 440 W 119th St
4 month ago
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 11801 S Lowe, full auto.
6400 S King: a call of males with guns. Chicago
Shot fired, 4502 S Sacramento.
Shots fired, 3001 W 41st St.
Shots fired, 3 heard near 61/Kenwood. Chicago
Shots fired, 5 heard near 90/Lowe. Chicago
Shots fired, 5257 S Maplewood.
4 month ago
Shots fired, 8621 S Marquette Ave, in the alley.
Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 7143 S May, in the alley.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 6540 S Lowe.
Shots fired, 22 rounds heard at 6943 S Parnell.
Shots fired, 6-8 heard near Cullerton/Throop. Chicago