10 December 2023
Another shelf structure pic near Griggsville, IL1 year ago
Another shelf structure pic near Griggsville, IL
Shelf structure near Richfield IL1 year ago
Shelf structure near Richfield IL
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Henry IL, Lacon IL and Sparland IL until 11:15 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Bureau County, IL, Putnam County, IL until 10:45 PM CDT
Chicago Bonafide armed car jacking. 2019 black Jetta with IL plates CS15821 Last seen east from 43rd and Union Offenders 2 male Black teens armed with a handgun
Chicago Armed car jacking 4343 S Union Caller's black 4 door Volkswagen with tints was taken by 2 male Blacks in all black clothing
COPA launches investigation following police shooting near Marquette Park
3 men in critical condition after shooting in Vet's Park neighborhood
1 killed, 2 wounded in Woodlawn shooting
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Camp Point IL, Mendon IL and Clayton IL until 10:45 PM CDT
YOUNG MAN KILLED: Clarence Maxey, 20, was shot to death in the overnight hours in the 5700 block of West Race, Austin neighborhood, West Side on September 18, 2022
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Hancock County, IL until 10:15 PM CDT
MAN KILLED: Randy Pouncy, 31, was shot to death in the 6100 block of South Evans, Woodlawn neighborhood, South Side on September 18, 2022. Two others were wounded as they sat on a porch.
Shots fired, 344 W 94th Pl.
A man was killed in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve area, Lake County police said. His body was found on the Highland Park Lake Michigan shoreline
Some credit card companies now have a firearm-specific code they can use to categorize sales from gun and ammunition stores
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Springfield Police are investigating a shooting in downtown Springfield early Sunday morning that injured two men
Chicago 748 N Larrabee A male fell from a balcony Male partially clothed Possible suicide attempt, may be DOA Reported as coming from an 8th floor balcony Larrabee being closed at Superior
A restaurant worker was injured in a drive-by shooting in West Loop
A Chicago shooting left a man shot and killed and another hurt in Brighton Park in the 3600 block of South Kedzie Avenue, the police department said
A Chicago shooting left a 14-year-old girl hurt in the 4400 block of S. Wood Street Back of the Yards on the South Side, the police department said
Roberts Park & North Palos Fire Car Fire NB I-294 @ mm18 inside shoulder. All lanes now open
COPA investigators are responding to the scene of an officer-involved shooting near the 7200 block of South Artesian.
53/Honore: a call of a person shot. Chicago
Shots fired, 5112 S Honore.
Chicago 0-1-1-0 This is now a homicide Victim pronounced at 108 by AMB42 3rd person in custody On going search for the weapon 1234 S Plymouth Ct
Shots fired, 4301 S Wood.
Chicago Suspects spotted on Roosevelt platform @CTA Orange Line Male in a turquoise Memphis jersey Holster found at crime scene, suspects may have tossed gun Canine requested Jones Park is closed crime scene Now saying suspect may have tossed gun onto train
7216 S Artesian: Shots Fired By The Police
Chicago Multiple calls shots fired 1311 S Plymouth court Now a possible person shot "Stop the black car on Plymouth court" Black SUV with White Sox plates
Chicago 10-1 31st and Robinson 922 car getting pelted with rocks and bottles
Chicago Person shot 1508 E 67th M/26 shot in the leg and the buttocks Drove himself to University of Chicago Hospital Good condition
4412 W Belmont: 1 shot fired
CPD unit with loud reports -gunshots South and west of 48th and May. 50th and May Plus rounds Shotspotter And Good citizens also calling it in And you could hear them in the CPD unit's radio
Shot fired, 517 W 79th St.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 3543 W 13th Pl.
1325 N Dearborn: a call of a person with a gun. Chicago
1504 E 74th Pl: a call of a person shot in the hallway. Chicago
Warwick/Laramie: a call of multiple shots fired
Shots fired, 661 E 37th St. Chicago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 2946 W Madison.
Shots fired, Adams/Campbell. Chicago
Shots fired, 7 heard near 51/Ellis. Chicago
Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 5045 S Drexel.
Shot fired, 243 E 134th St.
Police seeking to identify suspect in strong-arm robbery on CTA Central Park Green Line stop
A Rosemoor, Chicago house fire left a woman killed and her husband hurt in the 10500 block of South Forest Avenue on the South Side, CFD said