9 December 2023
# #Chicago Great train robbery 51st and Oakley 3-4 males breaking into train cars Now runners Eastbound from the tracks CSX police on Z13
Three individuals are in the hospital after being shot at a funeral at a South Side Church in Chicago on Saturday
# #Chicago Madison and Pulaski Half naked mentally disturbed female won't leave the #CTA bus Same location Unresponsive male on a CTA bus Fire is responding
Five people were charged in the stabbing and armed robbery of a man on a CTA Red Line train near the North and Clybourn stop, Chicago police said
Male (41) shot with a graze to the chest, 1 S Western Chicago
Chicago ChiTraffic Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive at Monroe 4 vehicle accident with injuries On view by CPD, requested one ambulance
3 shot, 3357 W Harrison Male 30 - face (DOA) Male - multiple GSWs (Critical) Male - multiple GSWs (Critical) Chicago
Shots fired, 11844 S Yale.
Monroe/Lake Shore Drive: EMS requested for a traffic crash involving 4 vehicles, one driver is unresponsive. Chicago
Shot fired, Maple/Dearborn. Chicago
Male (32) shot in the abdomen & R arm, 3872 S Archer Chicago
Male (23) shot in the L thigh, 11749 S Union Chicago
Shots fired, 2840 W 24th St.
Male (31) shot in the groin, 35 W 110th St HSFP Chicago
Female (23) shot in the face, 2501 S Spaulding Chicago
Female (30) shot in the R hand, 1242 S Lawndale Chicago
Now officers there say they heard gunshots. Shotspotter says 2858 New England. Officers saw a man running and jumping the fence after the shots were fired. White shirt, jeans, long black hair. He entered a house.
Shots fired, 6337 S Honore.
117/Union: a call of a person shot. Chicago
4 ppl shot over here. MassShooting Chicago
Homan/Harrison: person shot. Chicago
1 dead, 24 wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago
A Chicago shooting wounded four people in the Near West Side's 2700 block of West Jackson Boulevard, the police department said
Shots fired at the 5735 W Huron In the alley
Police: 'Large after-hours gathering' at Sinnissippi Park caused multiple fatalities
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Livingston County, IL until 2:15 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Anchor IL and Cropsey IL until 2:00 PM CDT
211 alarm at 1334 west winnemac struck out 1 male firefighter yellow to Illinois Masonic and 1 red female civilian to swedish
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Manhattan IL, Peotone IL and Wilton Center IL until 6:30 AM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Joliet IL, Bolingbrook IL and Romeoville IL until 6:30 AM CDT
Structure Fire (Buffalo Grove) Buffalo Grove FD on scene in the 10 block of River Oaks Cir E with a working residential structure fire. Fire from the roof on arrival
Shots fired, 4505 S Lavergne.
Shots fired, 3905 W Wilcox, multiple shooters.
Male (25) shot in the R hand, 3148 W Polk HSFP Chicago
59/Peoria-Sangamon: offenders in custody with 3 or 4 weapons recovered. Chicago
Male (35) shot in the R leg, 2801 N Leavitt Chicago
Shots fired, 4201 S Fairfield.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 6437 S Wolcott.
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 3206 W 36th St.
22-23/Washtenaw 10-1 Chicago SHOTS FIRED AT THE POLICE
Shots fired, 418 N Ridgeway.
Chicago M/22 shot in the R arm L thigh R buttock Good condition to Loyola Hospital 4735 W Harrison 7-8 shell casings on scene
Another person has just been shot in Chicago Male shot in the arm 4751 W Harrison In the Marathon Gas station Good condition