10 December 2023
Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 7042 S Western.
Shots fired, 345 E 119th St.
Fire crews are in the 1400 block of 20th Street in Rockford in response to a fire that, authorities say, started in the upper level of a house
A child was wounded in Mount Prospect Tuesday night in what appears to be a gang related shooting, police say
Chicago 12900 S Torrence Roll Over Pin In per E97
Chicago 8022 S Ellis Fire on 2 in the rear
Chicago 8001 S Laffayete 1.5 sty bungalow, 1 line on it
Shots fired, 9208 S Greenwood.
Shot fired, 8141 S Luella. near Eckersall Playground Park
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 70/Crandon. Chicago
Shots fired, 6551 S Wood.
6540 S King: a call of two males with guns and a call of a female swinging a knife at one of the males
Shots fired, 2552 S Albany.
Shots fired, 1924 S Springfield. near Lawndale Christian Fitness Center
Shots fired, 4157 W Cermak. near Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
8017 S Saginaw: disregard the 10-1. Chicago
Shots fired, 4330 S Wood. near Cedar Concepts Corporation
1438 W 63rd St: LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near the 007th District Police Station
Cermak/Michigan: caller says 5 male Blacks pulled a gun on him and tried to rob him. Chicago
Investigating a shooting that took place on October 18, 2022 at approximately 8:28 PM in the area of Aspen Drive and Aztec Lane
3310 W Madison: caller heard 10 shots inside the building. Chicago
Shots fired, 4848 S Loomis.
Shots fired, 850 E 81st St.
Shots fired, 7806 S Phillips.
Police say two men walked into a Dollar General on 6th Street and began to fill a laundry basket with items before taking off
Polk/California: person shot. Chicago
11403 s Forest CFD on scene with fire in a 2 story 25x60 dwelling. 1 line out roof being laddered and primary searches are in progress. Battalion 22 companie
Shots fired, 3249 W Ohio.
430 N Michigan: a call of a disturbance with street performers in front of Walgreens. it's a 19-Paul, they have a license to play, they said they are going to turn off the microphone.
The cars were then spotted at 3909 W Lake about 15-20 minutes after the theft
Madison/Wells: caller says a homeless person is threatening ppl in front of the Chinese restaurant. Chicago
Shot fired, 7025 S Dante.
95th Pl/Chappel: a call of a person with a gun, caller says a 50yo man with a rifle is threatening someone in the middle of the street. Chicago
Division/Lockwood: caller says ppl are fighting and shots were just fired. Chicago
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 104/Normal. Chicago
Shots fired, 16 rounds heard at 423 E 60th St. Shots fired, 30 heard near 60/King. 60/King: caller says a car crashed into a tree. Chicago
103/Lowe: caller says 6 male Blacks wearing green face masks are running down the street with 6 big guns. BNBG Chicago
Edgewater - someone suspected of a robbery is barricaded in an apartment in the 6000 block of Winthrop. SWAT's on the scene
Heavy recovery equipment is getting into position to begin the long & complex task of clearing the aftermath of a two semi crash SB on I-55 just past I-80. Area roads remain jammed while SB 55 remains closed at 80 and drivers are diverted. s at
Chicago 5534 S Perry vacant 2.5 sty frame, fire in the attic
Chicago WRKF 8816 S Lowe 1.5 sty ordinary. FNC,317
Overnight roadwork delays, SWAT activity in the Edgewater neighborhood, police chase on the Elgin-O'Hare expressway, major house fire in Palos Park, a roll over crash in Indiana on EB I-80/94. All of this before 5 am. Welcome to my world on this lovely Wednesday morning
Large police presence with SWAT at Winthrop/Glenlake. Chicago Police say a man who may be armed is barricaded inside an apartment complex. They believe he was involved in a burglary. This situation started last night
The situation on Glenlake and Winthrop has seemingly intensified, was woken up by a family member to see more CPD and SWAT on my block and now 2 bearcats on Winthrop and the mouth of an alley on Glenlake. Chicago
Shots fired, 4900 S Princeton.
6300 W Cornelia: a red Nissan Sentra plate CW20615 was stolen
68/Racine: caller says her girlfriend stabbed her in the head. Chicago
Female (49) shot in the R collarbone and L shoulder, 10732 S King Chicago
Shots fired, 2633 S Kedzie.
Shots fired, 2235 S Hamlin.
2600 S Wolcott: located Ambulance 80 unoccupied
1101 S California: @CFDMedia Ambulance 80 has been stolen from the firehouse. BOLO INFOPO Chicago
Shots fired, 10732 S King.
Shots fired, 5800 S Michigan.
Two people were shot, one fatally, Tuesday afternoon in West Ridge on the North Side — the neighborhood's third fatal shooting in less than a week