10 December 2023
Roosevelt/Red Line: EMS requested for a pedestrian struck by an auto in front of the CTA station. Chicago
Chicago Injured person Linne School 3221 N Sacramento A student punched a glass door, hand injury
Shot fired, 8022 S Brandon.
Shot fired, 7338 S Stony.
Chicago Level 1 HAZMAT 4110 S King Drive
YOUNG MAN KILLED: Almonte Kizer, 20, was shot to death in the 700 block of East 79th, Chatham neighborhood, South Side on November 28, 2022. Seen/heard anything tip anonymously at or 833-408-0069. Reward up to 15K. Our condolences
Man shot and killed in South Lawndale
Two people are displaced and four animals died in a Rockford house fire this morning
A group broke into a Bucktown, Chicago Jaguar car dealership in the 1900 block of North Paulina Street, the police department said
A shooting in Chicago left a man shot and killed in the 3400 block of West 30th Street in Little Village, the police department said
A shooting in Chicago on the South Side left a man shot and killed in the 700 block of East 79th Street, the police department said
3241 N Oketo - A call of shots fired, one bullet hit the callers vehicle Chicago
Male (30) shot in the right eye, 3414 W 30th St Critical Chicago
1400 N Lake Shore Drive: he was not shot, he was maced. Chicago
Shots fired, 6630 S King.
1 year ago
New Lenox: Armed robbery & attempted carjacking 1300 Town Crest Dr, 3 males, 1 5' 10", black Nike hoodie, 2 6', black hoodie, black Nike mask, 3 5' 10", skinny, red Nike mask, took a black iPhone10 and fled in a gold LaCrosse
Shots fired, 618 E 73rd St.
Shots fired, 90/Union. Chicago
Shots fired, 18th/Hoyne. #Chicago #
Shots fired, 13337 S St Lawrence.
Shots fired, 6011 S Artesian.
Shots fired, 6509 S Marshfield.
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 58/Throop. Chicago
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near 49/Ada. Chicago
Chicago 8220 S Francisco E129 has a fire in a 1.5 sty. DM,317
104/Wentworth: 10-1. we got a vehicle that ran into one of our officers. Chicago
Dolton Water Rescue I-94 SB at the Steel Bridge Person jumped into the river. Lynwood Drone requested
Report of 5 shots heard near 40th and Chicago Ave
600 N Michigan: caller says a group of ppl are shoplifting at Marshalls. Chicago
Shot fired, 11328 S Front.
Chicago In custody, pointing incident 4832 W Henderson
Chicago Henderson and Lamon Thru the yards 4832 W Henderson Still running, male Black orange shoes, black hat, holding his side
Still and box 74 and Stewart. Now out. 2 and a half story frame home. Two occupants are out. Extensive fire damage. Heavy fire load. Lots of debris in house
The Springfield Fire Department will be hosting its third and final open house on Saturday
# #Chicago #OHare Still and Box alarm and EMS plan 1 for standby runway 28Center Atlas Air Camber flt 517 reporting smoke in the cargo hold
Chicago Bank robbery/Brinks truck 5715 N Broadway A call from Chase bank of a robbery in progress Male running toward Ardmore with a Brinks cash bag, said to be $200K in it Female White dressed in all black grabbed the bag and ran
Lake/Wells: another bogus call of shots fired. Chicago
69/Red Line: EMS is rolling for a call of a person shot on a CTA train. Chicago
Level one HAZMAT now secured at 49 and Western for gas leak. CTA being advised to resume service on Orange Line
Chicago 11th Battalion still alarm this morning
Level 1 HAZMAT for broken gas line near 49 and Western. Possible disruption of CTA Orange line to keep trains out of area during mitigation
Chicago 5501 N Nordica 1.5 sty ord, smoke showing. E119 leading out
Two armed robbery incidents happened on Cornelia Avenue and Belle Plaine Avenue near Irving Park, Chicago, police said
Belmont/Pulaski Caller says he was beaten & robbed by 6 males Chicago
4246 N Kedzie A burglar alarm at Auto Zone, 1724 on scene with a broken front door Chicago
3854 Nora 6 gunshots .
4000 block W Cornelia Caller says 3 males pulled up in a red sedan as he was getting out of his car, they hit him with a gun & took his wallet, last seen e/b Chicago
Irving / Harlem female white and a female black refusing getting off CTA bus 8300 .
4660 W Lawrence 4 males wearing hoodies & black clothes are breaking into the car wash, a black SUV waiting outside Chicago
Shots fired, 2 heard near 107th Pl/Aberdeen. #Chicago #
2 shot, 463 W 24th St Male 41 - face Male 40 - head Chicago
LOUD REPORTS, gunshots heard near Roseland Hospital. Chicago
Wilmette 1234 Ashland Smoke and Fire from the front door. SRR,317
Thomas/Keeler: there was a call of a person shot, unfounded. Chicago
2 shot, 7251 S South Shore Drive Male 18 - left leg Male 26 - left leg Chicago
Got 30-40 shell casings and blood on scene. Chicago
2170 N Lincoln: EMS is rolling for a call of a rollover auto accident with injuries involving an off-duty PO. Chicago
22 W Monroe: a call of a person shot near the Hampton Inn, EMS is rolling. Chicago
Shots fired, 6400 N Leavitt. Chicago
Shots fired, 8306 S Yates.
Shots fired, 9140 S Burley.