28 September 2021
Vocal Covid denier Veronica Wolski died this morning after being diagnosed with Covid-19. QAnon believers harassed the hospital, demanding she get ivermectin. Now pro-Trump atty Lin Wood is urging his followers to "go to war" over her death, nonviolently
1 killed in shooting on Bishop Ford Expressway
Man critically wounded in Little Village shooting
Chicago police said shootings have left least five people dead and another 54 wounded across the city over the weekend
5 rounds 2327 S Homan 7 rounds 2401 S Christiana 4 rounds 2356 S Kedzie Chicago
Police investigation of an earlier shooting has the ramp closed from EB 130th to SB Bishop Ford
There was a drop-off gunshot victim at Jackson Park Hospital, he walked in with a GSW to the back, when he was about to receive treatment he ran out of the hospital with the equipment on him,
Man critically wounded in Little Village shooting
Male (21) short 3435 W 26th St GSWs L leg, R leg 2x, shoulder & neck Chicago
4300 block W Wilcox Caller says his girlfriend stabbed him Chicago
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 12120 S Eggleston near West Pullman Park
More cars 25th/Spaulding, got abut 80 people out here arguing with each other Chicago
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 2455 S Spaulding.
2551 S Trumbull (12 rounds) 26xx S. St Louis (7 rounds) Person shot 26/Trumbull Green Dodge Charger Offending vehicle
26th/Trumball Person shot, they're self transporting, the offenders were in a green Charge that fled e/b Chicago
75th Pl/Stony: an auto accident with injuries involving an ambulance, across from of Jackson Park Hospital. Chicago
Officers work the scene of a shooting near the 5100 block of South Aberdeen Street in the Back of the Yards neighborhood Sunday in Chicago
Shots fired, 12020 S Front near Kensington Park
At least 53 people have been shot, five fatally, in Chicago weekend gun violence since Friday evening
Shots fired, 2543 E 75th St.
Male (58) shot in the neck & head, 1100 W 51st St Critical Chicago
Shots fired, 8210 S Racine.
Shot fired, 6555 S Langley.
Male (22) shot in the back, 8701 S State HSFP Chicago
Male (58) shot in the head 2x, 1100 W 51st St Chicago
Male shot in the abdomen & back, 11800 S Vincennes Chicago
Shot fired, 8012 S Crandon, in the South Shore Hospital parking lot.
Shots fired, 1215 S Keeler near Keeler (Cyrus) Park
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 2315 S California.
45/Champlain: caller says two men are shooting at each other. Chicago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 4635 S Langley.
There's a drop-off gunshot victim at Roseland Hospital, he's going to be transferred to Mt Sinai, a Level I Trauma Center. Chicago
Female (34) shot in the chest, 11438 S Aberdeen Chicago
Shots fired, 19 rounds heard at 8010 S Yale near Simeon Career Academy High School
Shots fired, 10728 S Prairie near Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy High School
Shots fired at the 66th and Halsted
43/Langley: slow it down to the call of a person shot, got a shot up vehicle but no victim found Chicago
Shot fired, 8525 S Marquette Ave.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 11574 S Front.
114/Aberdeen: person shot. Chicago
2 shot, 3714 W 62nd St Male 18 - back. Male 19 - back Chicago
Chicago 1044 W 51st M/20 or 21 shot 2x in the side of the head Critical to Univ of Chicago hosp 0-41Adam
CPD has shell casings 1100W 51st Both handgun and rifle Victim was shot in his vehicle Honda Pilot 51st being closed, shell casings in the street ChiTraffic
There was a drop-off gunshot victim at Jackson Park Hospital, he walked in with a GSW to the back, when he was about to receive treatment he ran out of the hospital with the equipment on him, JP wants a report. #Chicago #
1044 W 51st Male shot in the neck Critical
Shot fired, 8506 S Chappel near Chicago Vocational High School
Got a drop-off gunshot victim at UofC. Chicago
Chicago Person shot Walk in Glenbrook Hosp 2100 Pfingsten Glenview Says it happened in Chicago 1st district is sending a car way up there But patient will be transferred to ENH in Evanston
Shot fired, 8225 S Dante.
Shots fired, 2237 E 79th St.
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 8701 S State.
Shots fired, 7058 S Eggleston.
Shots fired, 10 rounds heard at 349 E 48th St.
Shots fired, 12254 S Wallace, high capacity, multiple shooters.
# #Chicago Marine distress Touhy Ave at Lake Michigan Male swamped a canoe and can't get back in He's about 100yards offshore and #CFD will be able to assist him to shore BC9 holding 6-8-1 and fireboat 2
Shots fired at the 5734 S Kilbourn
This is a double shooting F/42 shot in the knee at Mt Sinai in good condition M/54 shot multiple times in the body, DOA on scene
Homicide 0-1-1-0 California and Lexington Male shot and killed in a car Missouri license plates on car Victim still on scene in car Second scene at 2708 W Flournoy Shell casings and a blood trail
M/40s shot in the head, critical at Mt Sinai F/50s shot in the side, serious at Mt Sinai ShitOEMCSays "call news affairs" Crime scene 340 S Sacramento Blvd
Shots fired at the 2639 S Tripp
Make it a double This is two shot in the gas station 340 S Sacramento
Another person has just been shot in Chicago Sacramento and Van Buren Male shot
CPD unit with loud reports -gunshots- NUMEROUS Polk and California 340 S Sacramento Blvd
California and 14th In custody Slow down
Z10 has a runner runner California and Ogden More cars police
Chicago 6601 S Langley Deck gunned it on arrival, all Co's working. CB,317
Officer Involved Accident In Rockford in the area of 7th Street and 1st Avenue
1 Killed, 5 Wounded In West Pullman Shooting in the 300 block of East Kensington Avenue
2 week ago
Markham: 12658 S Crawford A male, mask, black hoodie, black jeans, stole a black Charger from the Shell, last seen n/b on I-57 Chicago
901 N Pulaski A couple calls of a person with a gun at the gas station Chicago
Male (33) shot in the L arm & abdomen Madison/Homan Chicago
Shots fired at the 4149 W Cullerton Chicago
1011 on scene calling out 30 loud reports to the south of this shooting Chicago
Shots fired at the 3358 W Lexington Chicago
10-1 26/Washtenaw SHOTS FIRED AT THE POLICE Chicago
Male shot in the chest 4137 W 16th St Chicago Critical
Three motorcycle riders were injured, one seriously, in a crash that shut down Route 31 in Crystal Lake Saturday night. All three were transported and one was flown to Advocate Condell. @McHenrySheriff is investigating
2 week ago
Fox Lake FPD Spring Grove WRKF 37575 N Tyrone Pl Fire in a house per BN22. TT,317
Chicago EMS Plan I 353 E Kensington b/o E62 Multiple Gun Shot Victims. MT,317
6000 N Drake: Jimmy says he has 100 weapons, wearing a mask and a rainbow flag and says there were shots fired and there were 10 cars broken into.
Second MassShooting of the day in Chicago
got 5 more to add 353 E Kensington EMS Plan 1, 5 ambulances responding for four shot on scene plus one self txp to Roseland plus an additional ambulance for a girl having an asthma attack at the shooting scene
EMS Plan 1 353 E Kensington for multiple gunshot victims Chicago
353 E Kensington: an EMS Plan I for the multiple gunshot victims, got 4 shot on scene. Chicago
5000 W School: there was dispute with the neighbors, and they say a male Hispanic with a black shirt had a gun.
Shots fired, 7920 S Justine near Illinois Currency Exchange
5000 W School: a call of 4 people fighting people in the street.
EMS plan 1 and the 2 11 1545 south State now secure and struck out on orders of Deputy Fire Commissioner 2 1 5
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