10 December 2023
Prosecutors said Daveon Montgomery left The Point bar in Wicker Park at closing time last Sunday, then returned a few minutes later to fire 11 rounds into the business from across the street. A judge held him without bail yesterday
A Chicago police officer who was recorded in a video saying "I kill mother—-ers" to two Black men during a profanity-ridden confrontation in 2018 has been stripped of his police powers, reportedly following another civilian complaint
018th District Officers recovered 3 handguns between February 11-13, 2022 in the area of 200 E. Huron St, 1400 N. Hudson and 600 N. Michigan Ave. All of the subjects were taken into custody and charged
Shots fired at the 12736 S Morgan
Shots fired 21st and Wood CallerSays males in a white Tahoe drove by and fired 3 shots at her. Shooter was in the passenger seat Caller is not waiting to speak to police
At approximately 10:50 P.M. last night, @RockfordFire responded to a structure fire at 200 Clara Avenue. There were no injuries
Shots fired at the 1846 W 45th St Good citizens also calling it in
Shots fired at the 4527 S Wolcott
Chicago ChiTraffic Cicero Ave and State Rd (73rd St) 3 car accident with one vehicle rolled over Unknown injuries,fire dept responding, minor lane blockage
Chicago Armed car jacking 19th and Throop St Armed male Hispanic with a gun and female Hispanic Took callers vehicle IL plate BQ 25963, unknown make Female drove tail car, black SUV with unknown number of occupants
2 killed, 16-year-old girl among 2 wounded in shootings in Chicago since Friday evening
Shots fired, 17 rounds heard at 306 W 108th St, full auto.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 352 E 59th St.
Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 7015 S Wood.
84/Gilbert Ct: person shot. Chicago
Chicago 853 W Vermont E75 on scene with a Fire, leading out. GN,317
Shot fired, 2501 E 93rd St.
Shots fired, 7216 S Winchester.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 10618 S Lafayette.
House fire injures seven firefighters @CasanovaReports story:
Chicago cop who boasted 'I kill' in 2018 video stripped of police powers after separate complaint via @katiejanthony
There will be a media update at Christ Hospital of the Firefighters injured in the fire at 112th and Princeton. Time not yet set. Media should start moving 7
Shot fired, 4724 S Vincennes.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 6530 S Carpenter.
Shot fired, 6429 S Kenwood.
Shots fired, 17 rounds heard at 7526 S Vernon.
1 year ago
Structure Fire (Highland Park) Highland Park FD and Mutual aid departments are on the scene of a working residential structure fire in the 300 block of Russet Lane
6609 W 63rd St a fire Chicago
3458 N Halsted The security guard at Hydrate says he was attacked Chicago
Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 7822 S Essex.
Third-hand information: her husband was shot on the e-way between 87th & 79th and crashed, nothing confirmed at this point. #Chicago #
84/Dan Ryan: an auto accident with injuries on the inbound e-way. Chicago
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 3955 W Washington.
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 5012 S Millard, moving shooter, 16 MPH, .
82/Drexel: a call of a person stabbed, a male knocked on the caller's door and said he's been stabbed. Chicago
Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 2935 E 80th St.
1 year ago
Fox Lake FPD Ingleside WRKF 26106 Oak Circle Structure Fire. TT,317
Shots fired, 5 rounds heard at 9138 S Anthony, moving shooter, 22 MPH, possibly on the Chicago Skyway, n/w.
Shots fired, 11853 S Green.
1 year ago
House Fire (Ingleside) Fox Lake, Lake Villa & Antioch FDs on scene in the 26100 Block of W Oak Cir with a working house fire. Extra Tender and Change of Quarters requested
535 S State: a hold-up alarm at 7-Eleven. Chicago
Shot fired, 7044 S Crandon.
6036 S Western: a call of a person stabbed, Michael says a female Black stabbed him after she asked him for some money.
2410 W 111th St: a call of a suspicious auto with occupants in the parking lot at Waldo Cooneys Pizza, caller says the occupant of a white Mazda (BE 6078) is selling drugs. Chicago
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 8124 S Throop, full auto.
5430 N East River Rd Caller says he was robbed at gunpoint by a male that fled n/b in a black Prius Chicago
Shots fired, 3 rounds heard at 6957 S Maplewood.
Shot fired, 3047 E 79th Pl.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 2828 E 78th St.
# #Chicago Several calls shots fired Whipple and School St #CPD has 16 shell casings, broken glass and a blood trail that leads to an apartment building No person shot found yet Ambulance requested as a precaution Hospital watch in effect
Shots fired, 3407 W Madison.