10 December 2023
76/Carpenter: person shot. Chicago
47/Calumet: security says he found a gun in the grass. Chicago
Shot fired, 8724 S Marquette Ave.
Male (22) shot in the back, 1716 E 72nd St Chicago
5243 W Cullom: a call of 2 shots fired unknown if it was outside or inside the location.
4546 N Kedzie: caller says there's people at the McDonald's refusing to leave and they're not vaccinated.
75/Merrill: he drove up into a front yard and bailed, foot chase, he's hopping fences, more cars. Chicago
82/Stony: Gary PD is in hot pursuit of a Honda wanted in a shooting, northbound on Stony., Chicago
3510 S Michigan: a PO slipped on ice in the parking lot at CPD HQ and injured her elbow, an Evidence Tech has been ordered to photograph the ice and the PO's injury. Chicago
Early AM fire at home on Rodenmeyer in center of Belleville kills adult woman/sends child to hospital. Fire crews rescued boy when they first got to scene about 6:45am-flames already shooting from home. Crews went back in/found deceased woman. Boy's condition unclear
Two people shot and killed in bar in south suburban Worth
Prayer Vigil Held At Morgan Park Church For Fallen Bradley Police Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic, Critically Wounded Partner Officer Tyler Bailey
Garfield Blvd/Western: EMS is rolling for a call of an auto accident with injuries. Chicago
Shots fired, 8632 S Aberdeen.
Shots fired,12 rounds heard at 2301 S Ridgeway.
Shot fired, 5843 S Peoria.
Shots fired, 7142 S Honore.
7529 S Ridgeland: a call of a person with a gun, caller says Crystal shot up her vehicle earlier, she's now in front with a gun. Chicago
Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 5633 W 64th St.
1857 N Kedzie Male (64) shot at & grazed in the head, listed in good condition at Illinois Masonic 6 shell casings recovered Chicago
Shots fired, 6 rounds heard at 8105 Commercial.
Shots fired, 1435 W 78th St.
Shots fired, 7932 S Paxton.
Fullerton & Oakley - A call of a person shot Chicago
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 8911 S Mackinaw, on Lake Shore Drive, moving shooter, 23 MPH.
77/Langley: the Police Helicopter wants a ground Unit to run the plate of a vehicle that's parking. Chicago
Shots fired, 15 W 108th St.
Shots fired, 12733 S Sangamon.
Shots fired, 616 E 77th St.
Shots fired, 8337 S Carpenter.
Shots fired, 8648 S Jeffery.
Female shot & killed, 1623 W 78th St Chicago
940 E 79th St: a call of ppl fighting with knives. Chicago
12010 S Wallace: a red Chrysler 300 struck a squad car and kept going, the POs are fine. Chicago
Image Caption: A Chicago police officer helps pour soda into cups for children standing with their mother outside a crime scene in the 6400 block of South Cicero Avenue on Monday evening, May 24, 2021. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times
Caller says her 34yo husband just shot and killed himself with a shotgun. Chicago
115/Laflin: a call of males with guns. Chicago
Shot fired, 10248 S Hoxie.
Male (34) shot at the 3233 W Maypole Chicago
Shots fired, 9 rounds heard at 3239 W Maypole.
3248 W Lawrence: caller says a male was just carjacked by 2 male Blacks and a female with guns. A Mercedes and a Jeep are involved.
7838 S Cottage: a call of a brawl in front of Leak & Sons Funeral Home. Chicago
It's official: Bears fire Nagy and Pace
Hanover Park: Burglary Irving Park/Jensen, 4 males in a black over white Durango with taped over rear window stole liquor
Ohio/St Clair A call of an alarm going off in the area, could be 555 N Michigan, an info ticket that there's water in the basement flooding the building Chicago There was a call there this afternoon for an alarm
North/Francisco An armed carjacking, they took a white Audi A6 & fled with b Chicago
Still & Box Alarm fire 2020 W Webster, water issues Chicago
2020 W Webster 4363D on scene reporting smoke from the attic, CFD requested Chicago
Markham: 15860 Dixie Hwy A gray '17 Continental was stolen from the BP, a black X6 was following, last seen with b 159th St
Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 7958 S Manistee.
Shots fired, 8812 S Burley.
Shots fired, 8 rounds heard at 8619 S State.
530 S Kedzie A thin male, face tattoo, grabbing people, stealing items, on the cta Blue Line platform, claimed to be undercover Police Chicago
Moline Police say one man died following a car accident on Sunday around 4:00 p.m. near the 900 block of 36th Avenue
Chicago 1624 W Division Unknown opportunist found the caller's running vehicle